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    Where to Buy

    Fobsun Electronics, established in 2004 and formed partnerships with many companies around the world, is mainly engaged in designing, manufacturing, distributing and licensing lighting emitting diode (LED) controllable digital decoration and illumination lighting systems.

    All LED decoration and illumination lighting systems are sold through our international sales teams, and network of international distributors.


    Buy from A Distributor, Reseller or Retailer
    Fobsun has an extensive and knowledgeable network of Business Partners who are there to help you choose from the range of LED lighting products, control systems, drivers, accessories and unique technologies.
    Customers can buy Fobsun products from a local distributor, reseller or retailer. Find a distribution store near you and buy Fobsun products designed specifically for residential lighting and commercial lighting.
    Product availability varies by location.

    Find your nearest Fobsun distributor, reseller or retailer.

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