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Welcome to FOBSUN

Welcome to FOBSUN ELECTRONICS, a high-tech enterprise, founded in 1998, which is professionally engaged in researching, developing and manufacturing energy saving products, and mainly specializes in designing, producing, distributing and licensing lighting emitting diode (LED) controllable digital decoration and illumination lighting systems. In 2004, FOBSUN established a factory as a branch of LED lighting devices in mainland.


FOBSUN LED lighting products offer a lot of advantages: State-of-the-art LED technology, low energy consumption and high light yield, sturdiness, high durability and extremely low maintenance.


The latest FOBSUN LED lighting systems are so versatile that they can be used to produce specific color moods to trigger feelings, create visual stimuli and have a positive influence on our lives. This gives architects, lighting planners and designers enormous freedom to set interiors and exteriors in the right light, adapted to their individual functions and requirements.


Together with perfectly matched FOBSUN LED dimmers, controllers and accessories it is possible to develop task related lighting concepts that are both highly economical and eco-friendly.


Throughout the years FOBSUN ELECTRONICS has strived to bring the best quality and service to our customers. For your next lighting project think FOBSUN LED lighting devices and get in touch.


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