Overview: Fobsun LED T8 tube lights utilized for interior lighting solution in a Walmart Supermarket in the United States

What can we help: Walmart is the biggest supermarket in the world, it has chain stores all over the world. The area of its each chain store can be over 20,000 square meters, therefore lighting bills account for a large proportion in the total expense of each store every year. Meanwhile due to the heat generated by the old incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps, power consumption of the air conditioning systems is also very considerable. This project is about its one chain store in the United States, they decided to switch the energy wasting lighting to energy effcient lighting. Fobsun helped them to replace the old incandescent bulbs and CFLs with energy efficient LED T8 tube lights, these T8 LED tubes can considerably reduce the energy bills, with their over 35,000 hours lifetime which is much longer than traditional CFLs, the supermarket can save a lot of expenses associated with maintaining and replacing light bulbs.

Project photo show:

Wal-Mart supermarket lighting 01Wal-Mart supermarket lighting 02


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