LED Visible Light Wavelength Standard

Visible light wavelength standard of LED Lighting Fixtures

Purpose This document outlines a proposed definition of standard for visible light of LED lighting fixtures manufactured by Fobsun and the way for mass production of orders. The standard is implemented strictly by the R&D department and Manufacturing department, and shall apply to all orders placed with our company unless specific requests are accepted in the contracts.


Definition Visible light is a measurement in wavelength, unit is nm


Color Wavelength
Red 620-625 nm
Yellow 588-591 nm
Blue 465-470 nm
Green 520-525 nm
Purple 400-403 nm
Orange|Amber 605-­610 nm|605-608 nm

Above visible light color source may differ from different equipment monitors.


Mass Production Solutions According to above standard, we basically accept orders without specific wavelength request and within above wavelength range. All the procedures from component sourcing to manufacturing, testing and aging, will strictly implement this standard. For specific color, we limit the wavelength to a certain range, and do the best to assure the color consistency: we preferentially choose the same wavelength range of LEDs to ensure the color is uniform and not unlike.


Generally we do accept orders with specific color request OR out of above range unless wavelenght was indicated. If the customer insists on using a specific color for his order and the quantity is big enough, higher price will be charged. such as purple, pink etc...


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