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Lighting solution for transportation vehicles such as buses and cars is concerned not only with safety issue of the driver and vehicles in the night, but also with the energy consumption issue as a result of global energy shortage. In the past, we adopt traditional light sources for vehicle lighting. For example, traditional fluorescent tubes are used for interior lighting for public buses. Under the background that global petroleum reserves have been decreasing day by day and new energy sources are still not promoted, energy saving becomes a very effective way to solve energy shortage issue. There are tens of thousand of vehicles all over the world, and the lighting energy consumption for them can be very considerable. If every vehicle can change their light bulbs with a new light source, the energy savings will also be very considerable.

Then which light source shall all the vehicles switch to? The answer is LED light source. LED light source is not only very energy efficient, but also very durable. Nowadays, more and more vehicle manufacturers fit their vehicles with LED light bulbs, and LED vehicle lighting becomes more and more popular. If we use low voltage LED tube lights to replace fluorescent tubes in the bus, over 50% energy will be saved. In addition to its energy efficiency, LED light source is directional light source with strong penetration. If we switch vehicle head lamps and fog lights to LED light bulbs, the safety coefficient of the driver and vehicle will be greatly improved. Meanwhile, LED light bulbs with various colors can also make vehicles seem more splendid. LED light bulbs are also suitable for DIY lighting for vehicles.

Fobsun Electronics provides various LED vehicle lighting solutions for all kinds of vehicles with 12v or 24v low voltage LED light bulbs.

Project photo show

  • Bangkok Skytrain
    Bangkok skytrain
  • DIY LED Vehicle Light
    DIY led vehicle light
  • LED Auto Light Bulbs
    Brake lighting
  • LED Lighting Bus Blue
    Bus interior lighting-blue
  • LED Lighting Bus White
    Bus interior lighting-white
  • LED Vehicle Light
    Bus interior lighting-warm white
  • custom car lighting
    Chassis lighting
  • Bus shelter lighting
    Bus shelter lighting

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