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No matter how small the application or how large the project Fobsun will help guide your business' switch to profitable, energy efficient LED lighting from assessment to implementation. Our experienced energy consultants and engineers will aid your company in maximizing your energy savings while minimizing your payback period.

At Fobsun not only do we provide complete retrofit LED solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint for the architectural, commercial, residential and industrial market, we also aspire to develop highly aesthetic customized LED Lighting Solutions.

With our various products line from LED tube lights, LED downlights, LED light bulbs to LED wall washers, LED bay lights, LED aquarium lights, LED grow lights and LED ribbons, as well as our experienced designers and engineers, Fobsun can provide LED lighting solutions not only for retail stores, restaurant, shopping malls, offices, hotels, residences, advertisements and decorations, but also for custom lighting from program design to execution.

With qualified and experienced engineers, Fobsun has strong research and development capability which enables us to provide best designs with innovations and breakthroughs.

We just need your idea and your unique requirement, and the optimum lighting solution tailored for you will be presented by us, clients' prerequisites are the very first guide for our product design.  Custom lighting helps us to build intimate and close cooperation relation with our clients.

Our professional and experienced engineers play a very important role in designing and implementing Fobsun's custom lighting solutions. First, they will take a record regarding clients' idea, and then the whole process will begin. Following the client's idea, our engineers will create multiple images, 3D modelling and animations of your Lighting Project for the clear cut image of the entire venture. At doubtful times the entire team will efficiently edify you about every single feature of the product.    

Fobsun Electronics grips the potential of fulfilling the constraints with unique array of lighting solutions. Be it Building Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Hospitality Lighting, Health Care Lighting or Retail Lighting, simply recommend your outlook and we will transform it to reality. 

Much positive feedback from the clients proves that Fobsun Electronics is of strong competence to provide best lighting solutions to satisfy our clients. Choosing Fobsun can be a wise and right decision. Custom Lighting Retrofits solution is modified solution lending hand to our clients and us by creating our every move according to their needs. The following solutions are some of successful custom lighting solutions that Fobsun completed in many countries.

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