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Incandescent bulb is a great invention in the 20th century by Thomas Edison, and it is a milestone which brings human beings to the age of electricity. The incandescent bulb has been serving human being for over 100 years, but its drawbacks appeared as more and more incandescent bulbs were used. And the annual huge power consumption and environmental issues caused by these drawbacks make human beings realize that they have to phase out the incandescent bulb and find a new solution to replace it. As we all know, when electricity pass through the thin tungsten wire inside the incandescent bulb, the wire will burn to a very high temperature and emit light, which means incandescent bulb wastes too much power to generate heat. According the research, only 10% of the energy that incandescent consumes is converted to light, and other 90% is wasted to generate heat and then transferred to the air. Therefore, incandescent bulb is an energy wasting monster that swallows a huge amount of electricity every year. In addition, utilization of incandescent bulbs is a very important factor that causes global warming since they emit thousands of tons of carbon dioxide every year.

How to solve these issues and which light source is the right solution to replace incandescent bulbs? The answer is definitely LED lighting solution. LED light bulbs are the most suitable solution to replace incandescent bulbs for residential lighting. First, LED light bulbs are much more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and other traditional lighting solutions. Second, LED light bulbs are green lighting fixtures which contain no toxic materials and do no harm to human body. Meanwhile, LED light bulbs are cold light source and emit much less heat and carbon dioxide, which can greatly eases global warming issue. LED light bulbs can emit more comfortable light and protect human beings' eyes. In addition, LED light bulbs can last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs and are easy to install and compatible with most existing fittings.

Fobsun Electronics LED light bulb series can be the optimum solution to replace incandescent bulbs for residential lighting and other lighting applications. They can save 90% energy bills compared to incandescent bulbs and easily fit with existing standard fittings.

Project photo show

  • Castellan Hotel
    Castellan hotel
  • dining backlighting-T5-tubes
    Dining backlighting
  • Hall
  • Living room
    Living room
  • Dining-led light bulbs
  • dining-room
  • dining-t5 tubes
  • Grand Hyatt Tokyo-spa_fitness_masthead
    Grand hyatt tokyo
  • Gym-downlights
  • hotel
  • house-t5 tubes
  • warehouse-t8 tube lights
  • washroom-LED-light- bulbs
  • LED foyer lighting
    Foyer lighting
  • LED home lighting
    Home lighting
  • LED kitchen lighting
    Kitchen lighting

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