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Fluorescent lighting used to be and are still the mainstream lighting solution for interior lighting in commercial areas, offices, hospitals, schools, factories, warehouses, stadiums and so on for a long period. Comparing to previous incandescent lighting, fluorescent lighting features its advantages which is more energy efficient. However, fluorescent lighting is not the optimum solution for commercial lighting and industrial lighting due to some of its drawbacks. First, fluorescent lighting is not energy efficient enough, still much of the power it consumes changes into heat. Second, fluorescent lighting is not green lighting fixture due to the toxic materials such as mercury that it contains, which may cause environment pollution. Third, fluorescent lighting is always flickering and buzzing when starts up, and the startup time can be very long, these all can cause eyestrain and headache to human beings.

Then which solution can eliminate these disadvantages and become the right solution? The answer is LED lighting such as LED tube lights and LED bay lights. As we all know, LED light source is cold light source which emits light not depending on transforming electricity to heat, therefore most of the energy will be transformed to light directly and LED lighting is much more energy efficient than conventional light sources including fluorescent lighting. Meanwhile, LED tube lights and LED bay lights are green lighting fixture since it contains no toxic materials and will not cause environment pollution. LED lighting also can start up instantly without any flickering and buzzing.

As to the lumens, LED tube lights and LED bay lights can deliver same lumens as fluorescent lighting while consume 50% less energy. Fluorescent lighting is 360 degree lighting fixture which means half of its light is wasted to light up the space above the tube. However, LED tube lights and LED bay lights are different, with a narrow lighting beam, they can deliver all their light downward and highly improve its efficiency.

Fobsun LED tube lights and LED bay lights are widely used in commercial areas, offices, hospitals, schools, factories, warehouses, stadiums and so on. They are the best solution to replace traditional fluorescent lighting in the above areas.


Fobsun introduces the most energy efficient, longest lasting LED Tube Lights ever made.

It's a once-in-a-generation breakthrough in business and home lighting---an alternative to harsh fluorescents and inefficient incandescent bulbs. The LED T5, T8 tube lights combine the energy savings and easy maintenance of eco-friendly LED technology with affordability and excellent color quality. So take a look at what these lights can do for your business, and you'll never look at light the same way again.

1. Reduce maintenance costs.

The LED T5, T8 tube lights last over 8 years assuming 14 hours of daily use. This eliminates expenditures on replacement bulbs and labor. It also eliminates unsightly outages.

2. Lower energy bills.

Lighting bills are reduced by up to 50% when compared to CFLs and 85% when compared to incandescent bulbs. Over the life of one LED tube light, you could save hundreds of dollars in energy costs alone.

3. Simplify energy code compliance.

The LED T5, T8 tube lights provide more light per watt of energy than CFLs, making it easier to comply with ever-tightening energy codes.

4. Improve the look of your space.

With a color rendering index (CRI) of 90, the superior color quality of the LED tube lights enhances the appearance of people, room surfaces, furnishings and merchandise. Dimming capability is standard, so you have more ways to modify the look of your space.

5. Great light has never been so green.

The LED T5, T8 tube lights are environmentally friendly choice because it consumes much less energy than other sources and minimizes landfill waste. Most importantly, LED T5, T8 tube lights contain no harmful mercury.

Project photo show

  • art college-led spot lights
    Art college
  • Building
  • hospital porch
    Hospital porch
  • hospital
  • library
  • meeting room
    Meeting room
  • office
  • office
  • Supermarket
  • warehouse
  • Underground Garage 01
    Coast tower garage
  • Underground Garage 02
    Underground garage
  • Lisbon Airport Restaurant 01
    Airport restaurant
  • Lisbon Airport Restaurant 02
    Airport hall
  • LED Bay Lights for Warehouse Lighting
    LED bay lights for warehouse lighting
  • LED Bay Lights Light up A Warehouse
    LED bay lights light up a warehouse
  • LED Bay Lights Used in A Warehouse
    LED bay lights used in a warehouse
  • LED Industrial Lighting Projects
    LED industrial lighting projects
  • led panel 1
    A hospital in Belgium
  • led panel 2
    Operation room
  • led panel 3
    LED panel lights in the operation room

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