LED Lighting Case Study – New York, United States

LED bulbs in a sitting room in United States

Sitting room of a family

(New York, United States) Home lighting concerns not only your wallet, but also the health of your family since an energy saving lighting with eco-friendly technology and good lighting quality will greatly save your energy bills meanwhile not emit any toxic materials which may cause pollution to the environment and health problem to human body. Nowadays, families in United States are searching for energy efficient and eco-friendly lighting to replace traditional incandescent lighting since they realized that environmental protection and energy saving are becoming more and more important. This case is about a family in New York, United States. They installed several LED light bulbs in their sitting room to replace existing incandescent bulbs.


The family mainly used incandescent bulbs before the utilization of LED lighting, a significant number of pendant ceiling fixtures using incandescent bulbs. Considering the inefficient and sharp light that incandescent bulbs emit as well the toxic materials they contains, they decided to upgrade them to LED lighting.



The family found FOBSUN through the Internet, and communicated with the sales person and engineers, then they purchased and installed 7 FOBSUN FLL-GU10W-4W-OL-H LED bulbs in the sitting room as shown in the table below. The table also shows the hours of operation for each installation.



Incandescent wattage






Business Case Analysis

The family conducted an analysis to determine the economic feasibility of replacing the existing incandescent lighting with FOBSUN LED lighting. This analysis considered several factors including,


*Energy savings

*Capital cost

*Maintenance savings

*The lighting effects


Energy Savings

Energy savings was a very important driver for this project, and the savings were expected to be significant using the latest LED lighting technology. Each of the FOBSUN FLL-GU10W-4W-OL-H LED bulbs consumes 4 watts. Using the hours of operation and incandescent wattage from the table above, the energy savings are as follows:


Incandescent lamps: 1,022kwh/year

FOBSUN FLL-GU10W-4W-OL-H LED bulbs: 102kwh/year

Savings: 920kwh/year


The family pays $0.17/kwh for its electricity yielding an annual savings of $156.


Although not included in the analysis, the use of LED lighting also significantly reduces the heat produced by the light fixtures thereby reducing the load on the air-conditioning system and further reducing the electricity usage.


Capital Cost

The capital cost of the LED bulbs for this project was $350


Maintenance Savings

The long service life of the FLL-GU10W-4W-OL-H LED bulbs eliminates the maintenance cost associated with changing light bulbs (the replacement bulb cost and the associated labor). The approximate maintenance cost savings is $200/year using very conservative estimates for the labor and lamp costs.



Using the estimates above, the calculated time to payback for this project is slightly less than 1 year. Using only the energy savings, the time to payback is slightly more than 2.2 years.


The Lighting Effects

The family is very pleased with the light quality and the appearance of the FOBSUN FLL-GU10W-4W-OL-H LED bulbs, they emit comfortable light which is not too sharp to cause eyestrain. They are quite ideal for accent lighting and down lighting. The family decided to upgrade more incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs.


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