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Lowest Price, Epstar LEDs, E26/E27 A19 LED Light Bulbs

6watt. A19 Compact Household LED Light Bulbs on sale !!

a19 led bulbs

          Start at $5.00

E26/E27 led bulbs
Up to 420 lm.
Input voltage: 85-265v ac.
Led light source: Epstar  (4*1w).
Power: 5.5-6.0 watt.
Compact, green and high efficient lighting fittings.
No UV and IR radiation.
The patented thermal control technology.
CCT: white (5300-6500)K. (2800-3200) K
Optics design with pantened frosted lens.

MOQ: 10 pcs.

Price Range:
10-100 pcs, unit price: US$8.0
100-500 pcs, unit price: US$7.0
500-1000 pcs, unit price: US$6.0


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