• IP65 Quadrate LED Wall Washers

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IP65 quadrate LED wall washer, our flagship, high-performance architectural floodlight, is the first LED fixture powerful enough to brilliantly and dynamically illuminate large-scale façades and structures. With significantly more lumen output than any other competitive fixture, this powerful fixture represents the next generation in exterior illumination.

IP65 quadrate LED projector light is a decorative lighting fixture that highlights walls of buildings, monuments, bridges, clubs, hotels etc, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. With a projection distance of more than 10 meters, 1 to 16.7 million colors, the LED projector light can create fantastic lighting effects. LED projector lights are programmable in such a way that the user can adjust the colors or light show the way he wants it with a DMX controller or DMX remote control. Color changing, color chasing, color fading and more effects can be ctreated when connect LED projector lights with DMX controllers. When used for outdoor applications, this projector light can be waterproof.

Preassembled mounting base and mounting gear offer a range of options for mounting on the floor or various stage truss clamps.

High intensity LEDs ensure superior uniformity and consistency of hue.

The fixture accepts DMX input, and standalone mode offers configurable pre-set light shows, such as Fixed Color, Color Wash, and Chasing Rainbow.

The quadrate wall-washing fixture works seamlessly with the complete line of FOBSUN controllers as well as third-party DMX controllers.

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