• Frosted LED T8 Tube Lights

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The new FOBSUN frosted T8 LED tube light is an eco-friendly T8 LED lighting fixture with an on-board included power supply. The ultra bright SMD LEDs ensure an unrivaled brightness up to over 1900 lumens. Froste lens with ultra wide 180 degree lighting beam enables the LED tube light to bring us high quality and beautiful light output that you would expect from traditional fluorescent lamps without any light spots and dark areas.


Propriatery on-board thermal control technology and an aircraft grade durable aluminum housing enable the T8 LED Tube Lights to last for over 50,000 hours without any possibility of failure. This LED Tube uses 70% less energy and ensures power savings when compared to the dull CFLs (fluorescent T8 tubes) they replace. And you thought your toxic mercury-filled CFL bulbs were 'green' !


Our exclusive designed T8 LED Tube Lights are well-suited for commercial lighting and residential lighting in homes, offices, dorms, colleges, museums, galleries, shop windows, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, anywhere conventional fluorescent lights would normally be used.


Our bulbs use the same sockets and sizes of T8 conventional fluorescent CFLs, so no worries of having to replace the current brackets and setup you have, just disconnect the obselete ballast, and you're good to go with FOBSUN's orignal T8 LED Tubes!


Higher Reliability:


1) More reliable, they are made of high quality SMD LEDs, with low light decrease and good heat dissipation;
2) They are using specially designed aluminum housing with good heat dissipation, and have no heat buildup inside;
3) They are using  A specially designed loop circuit, one LED fail won't make the whole fluorescent light fail.


Easy Plug and Play Retrofit:


LED T8 Tubes can directly be placed into any existing T8 socket. Just remove starter and disconnect the ballast in the fixture.


Ultra Green Next-Generation Technology:


Using state of the art SMD LEDs, this LED lighting fixture reaches an efficacy of:  typical 100+ lumens per watt

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