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FOBSUN is proud to present our newest Rotatable End Cap T8 LED Tube Light.  As we all know, most T8 LED tube lights come with fixed end caps, which can not meet the special lighting requirements of some special areas. Fobsun Electronics now offer rotatable end caps T8 LED tube lights, whose lighting direction can be adjustable by rotating the end caps. The rotatable end caps will facilitate the new T8 LED tube lights to be used in much more areas than LED tube lights with fixed end caps.


Our T8 LED Tube Light uses top of the line 3528 SMD LEDs ensure an ideal replacement, with brightness up to 1900+ lumens. This T8 LED Tube can save over 70% energy as compared with the earlier, less efficient flourescent CFL tubes. The unique thermal heat-sink control technology and highly durable RF-shielded aluminum housing enable the LED Tube Lights to last for over 35,000 hours.


Our LED Tube Lights are well-suited for commercial lighting, dorm lighting, office lighting, residential lighting in homes, museums, galleries, shop windows, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, just like conventional fluorescent lights - only brighter, eco-friendly, and will save you money on your energy bill, and headaches from dim, hissing, older fluorescent CFL lights.


Go green today with our T8 LED Tube Lights, and you'll never look back!


Higher Reliability:

1) Ultra reliable design and circuitry, utilizing high quality SMD LEDs, with low light decrease (over time) and amazing heat dissipation (longer lasting)

2) Specially designed RF-shielded durable aluminum housing assures no heat buildup within the unit.
3) Created with special electronic circuitry on-board: Features a specially designed loop circuit, meaning if one LED fails, it will not cause the entire fixture to burn-out.


Easy Replacement / OEM Retrofit:


Our LED T8 Tubes can directly be placed into any existing T8 socket. Just remove starter and disconnect the ballast in the fixture, install our LED tube, and you're ready to go! Direct OEM plug and play capability.

Higher Efficacy:


Using high quality & state of the art SMD LEDs, typical efficacy of 100 lm/w.

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