• LED Tube Lights

LED Tube Lights

Fobsun LED Tube Lights are high energy efficient green lighting fixtures to replace traditional fluorescent tubes with over 70% energy bills saved. Our LED tube lights can be available in T5 style and T8 style which are quite easy to install. High brightness SMD LEDs with clear or frosted lens deliver high lumen output. Unique aluminum housing ensures full heat dissipation and a long lifetime. Patented design lens with High CRI ensures more uniform and eye-comfortable light output withou any dark area and light spot. High efficient LED drivers ensure high power factor of over 0.95. The LED tube lights which are equipped with G5 bi-pin or G13 bi-pin base can directly replace traditional T5 or T8 fluorescent lights. These high efficient LED Retrofit Lights are the ideal T5 and T8 replacements for residential lighting and commercial lighting.

Increasing demand of LED Tube Lights

LED tube lights are slowly and steadily replacing traditional fluorescent tubes. There is a regular increase in the number of people using LED tube lights to meet their residential and commercial lighting needs. Energy efficiency of these LED tube lights is much higher than conventional fluorescent tubes, which means they consume less electricity and deliver more lumens. The maintenance cost of LED tube lights is also decidedly less. It is due to these features that LED tube lights are being extensively used in almost every major industry.


  • Clear LED T8 Tube Lights

    Clear LED T8 Tube Lights

    Fobsun clear T8 LED tube lights are newly designed LED tube lighting fixtures in oval shape which can completely solve the problems of light spot and dark area. The oval frosted PC lens with high brightness LEDs can bring us more uniform and comfortable light distribution.


    What makes this tube different? A patented optical technology used within the tube ensures optimum LED tube brightness, with a 'fros...View More

  • Frosted LED T8 Tube Lights

    Frosted LED T8 Tube Lights

    The new FOBSUN frosted T8 LED tube light is an eco-friendly T8 LED lighting fixture with an on-board included power supply. The ultra bright SMD LEDs ensure an unrivaled brightness up to over 1900 lumens. Froste lens with ultra wide 180 degree lighting beam enables the LED tube light to bring us high quality and beautiful light output that you would expect from traditional fluorescent lamps without any light spots and dark areas.


    Propriate...View More

  • Rotatable End Cap T8 Tube Lights

    Rotatable End Cap T8 Tube Lights

    FOBSUN is proud to present our newest Rotatable End Cap T8 LED Tube Light.  As we all know, most T8 LED tube lights come with fixed end caps, which can not meet the special lighting requirements of some special areas. Fobsun Electronics now offer rotatable end caps T8 LED tube lights, whose lighting direction can be adjustable by rotating the end caps. The rotatable end caps will facilitate the new T8 LED tube lights to be used in much more areas than LED t...View More

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