Next Media Sign

Location: Next Media in HongKong

Product Used: Fobsun FSN-1221-80-H/L LED Neon

Effects Description: Next Media is a media company in HongKong, for their company sign, they wanted a vivid one which can display their characteristics. Neon sign is a very ideal choice for them, but there are kinds of neon signs. Traditional glass neon consumes much energy and it is fragile. LED neon is made with PVC and the LEDs are built in, it is more durable and relaible. LED neon lights are flexible and can be bent to any shape, which is more suitable for signage lighting. Meanwhile, LED neon is more energy efficient than traditional neon. Considering the above mentioned points, the Fobsun FSN-1221-80-H/L LED Neon was chosen as the final solution. Comparing to traditional neon lights, the company office can save around 70% energy bills every year by using LED neon lights. Meanwhile they don't need to pay any maintenance costs for the LED Neon lights due to their durability and low heat emission. With a lifetime of over 35,000 hours, the LED neon sign can be used for over 10 years.


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