• 2G11 Compact LED Plug Lights

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Fobsun 2G11 LED plug lights are the latest generation of lighting solution to replace the Philips fluorescent lamps with the same base. With high quality SMD LEDs as light source, they deliver ultra bright and comfortable light that you would expect from traditional fluorescent tubes. Any individual LED's failure will not lead to the failure of the whole lamp and other LEDs can still work normally. Compared with traditional fluorescent tubes, 2G11 LED plug lights are high energy efficient LED lighting fixtures which can save over 70% energy bills thanks to the high efficacy of LEDs and these LED lamps can start up instantly without any annoying buzzing noise.

Uniquely designed PC lens and aluminum heat sink with Fobsun's patented thermal control technology ensure not only uniform light distribution without any flickering, but also cool running temperature after long time lighting up. Dedicated LED driver is built in to ensure longer operating life and to minimize brightness deterioration. Ultra wide 180 degree lighting beam actually brings the same lighting effect as traditional fluorescent tubes. Compatible with any existing 2G11 4 pin sockets, these LED plug lights can be easily installed into existing fluorescent fixtures, just plug and play.

Fobsun 2G11 LED plug lights are available in 8 watts, 12 watts, 15 watts and 22 watts, and respectively they can directly replace 18 watt, 24 watt, 36 watt and 50 watt Philips 2G11 fluorescent lights.

Ultra Efficient LED Plug Lights to Replace Compact Fluorescent Lamps

LED plug lights are ultra efficient lighting fixtures with quality SMD LEDs, frosted lens, compact size and traditional bases. The high efficacy SMD LEDs ensure high brightness, low power consumption and low heat generation of LED plug lights. The frosted lens enables LED plug lights to deliver more uniform light output. Traditional bases greatly ease the installation of LED plug lights and make them be easily compatible with conventional fixtures.

With compact size and traditional G23, G24 and 2G11 bases, LED plug lights can be the best replacement for compact fluorescent lamps. LED plug lights can deliver the same lighting effect as compact fluorescent lamps with only 50% electricity consumption. The LED plug lights come with high color rendering index which can make the illuminated space more vivid and dynamic. Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED plug lights are cool to touch without flickering and buzzing noise. Also LED plug lights are 100% environment friendly without toxic materials. Due to these advantages, LED plug lights become more and more popular for both commercial lighting and residential lighting.

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