• A19, Compact Household LED Light Bulbs

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A19, 8 Watts Household LED Light Bulbs with Nichia LEDs consumes only 10 percent energy as conventional bulb to give the same light intensity. With quality LEDs as the light source, this LED bulb has a power of only 8 watts. LED light bulbs are safer and more economical than halogen bulbs, with long-lasting durability, lower power consumption and money saving capability.

The A19 LED lamp is designed as direct one-for-one replacements of traditionally inefficient incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs. With Nichia high brightness LED's, 680 Lumen output for Cool White (600 Lumens for Warm White) and average life span of 35,000 hrs, this lamp is a great choice for any indoor Light Fixture or in enclosed outdoor fixtures.  And an excellent energy saver for all-night lighting of entryways, hallways or stairs. Warm White, Cool White available. Equivalent to a Traditional 60 Watt bulb. This built-in control system protects the electronics inside the lamp against overheating and guarantees its life time.

CAUTION: ALL 120 AND 240 VAC BULBS ARE FOR USE WITH STANDARD ON/OFF SWITCHES ONLY (unless specified as dimmable). Use with any type of dimmer, relay or other control circuit will VOID WARRANTY. LEDs are very sensitive and subject to premature failure from electrical noise spikes.

Excessive heat will cause LEDs to fail prematurely. They must be operated in an ambient temperature, not exceeding room temperature, for maximum life time. As the temperature rises above 40 centigrade degrees, the life time goes down. Active cooling, such as a small fan, may be required if they are installed in a small enclosed space without ventilation.

This A19 LED bulb from Fobsun offers light quality comparable to that of a traditional 60W light bulb. The Fobsun A19 LED bulb is up to 85% more energy efficient than an incandescent bulb, and is based on a breakthrough and patented technology that opens the lighting market to LED technology. The warm white lamp sheds a warm white sunset golden color, ideal for creating a warm atmosphere.

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