• FCL9, 9" Dimmable Recessed Retrofit LED Downlights

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The FCL9 9" dimmable retrofit LED downlights are the best and most powerful dimmable retrofit LED downlights ever from Fobsun for universal use. The FCL9 dimmable retrofit LED downlights are high brightness, ultra efficient and eco-friendly LED downlighting fixtures which come with Cree, Nichia or Epistar LEDs, aero grade die-casting aluminum heat sink, anodized aero grade aluminum trim and optics grade PMMA lens. The LED downlights are ETL listed (No. 4007115), which enables them to be 100% suitable for use in the United States and Canada. Being approved by SAA and C-tick with SAA Certification No. SAA121861, the LED downlights are also 100% suitable for use in Australia, meanwhile the external drivers are also SAA approved with SAA Certificate No. SAA122003EA. The LED recessed downlight has the highest CRI ever, which is higher than 90 for warm white and higher than 80 for natural white.

FCL series LED Downlights have been approved by United States and New Zealand type IC recessed luminaire tests and IC mark is available. Therefore they can 100% be installed into ceilings with building insulation that can safely be continuously exposed to 90℃ and can be covered and abutted by the building insulation without any risks of fire.

FCL9-15W-N FCL9-15W-D

FCL9-20W-N FCL9-20W-D

FCL9-26W-N FCL9-26W-D

FCL9-30W-N FCL9-30W-D

High brightness Cree, Nichia or Epistar LEDs with die-casting aero grade aluminum heat sink;
Frosted patented lens gets more eye-comfortable lights without light spots;
High CRI index: warm white (2800K) 92, nature white (5000K) 86, cool white (6000K) 80;
Equipped with 2 rebound leaves or 3 spring clips, 2 installation methods available;
TRIAC dimmable, dimmable to 8%, compatible with most traditional dimmers;
Lower splay recesses optical system into the ceiling to prevent glare and provide a traditional PAR look, no mercury, eco-friendly;

This recessed LED downlight can deliver uniform light output which is up to 2500 lumens through the patented frosted lens, and with high-efficiency driver placed outside, on-board jumper/cable to ensure protection against wiring errors, also it can be dimmable to 8% which ensures a proper light output that you desire.

FCL9 recessed lights employs overload protection which greatly improves safety and reliability, FOBSUN's unique temperature control system built in this recessed light can prevent the inside components from overheating, and the built-in heat sensor can monitor temperature of the componets, which significantly prolongs the real working lifetime of the FCL9 LED recessed downlights.

The FCL series LED downlights are designed with Fobsun's latest innovations and state-of-the-art technologies. A number of design patents, utility model patents and invention patents have been issued for the new style LED downlights, including 1 design patent of US (patent number US D658802), 2 utility model patents of PRC (patent number ZL201120060412.6 and ZL201120235936.4) and 5 design patents of PRC (patent number  ZL201030630669.1, ZL201030630605.1, ZL201130184068.7, ZL201130184124.7 and ZL201130377775.8).  

The FCL9 recessed downlight utilizes aircraft grade aluminum alloy as body material and top grade light guide plate. The FCL9 family is suitable for architectural lighting applications. The FCL9 provides higher efficacy and longer life than Compact Fluorescent Lamps with the beautiful light quality that you would expect from an incandescent. 

Equipped with 2 rebound leaves or 3 spring clips, the FCL9 LED downlights are available with 2 installation methods. Suitable for installation in standard-height rough-in sections, fits into most popular 9" recessed can housings.  Also available with a dedicated rough-in section for new construction.

Also Fobsun can provide black housings and black sand blasting trims for special application, such as cinema, theater etc...

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