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Fobsun LED high bay lights utilize single high power LED as light source, which integrates multi chips in a single LED module that features high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay and pure colors etc. Combining with high efficiency driver, LED high bay lights are ultra energy efficient and maintenance free. Patented anodized aluminum heat sink and deep reflector design ensure not only a low running temperature of the whole fixture, but also bright and uniform light output from high ceilings to the objects. With a deep reflector and a narrow lighting beam, LED high bay fixtures can direct the light downward from a high ceiling. Due to the wide voltage range and constant current design, LED high bay lights can overcome the lighting instability caused by electric network of ballast and noise pollution. Compared to conventional HID lamps, LED high bay lights consume 70% less energy. Our LED high bay lights are available in various color temperatures to meet different lighting requirements. High color rendering index ensures more comfortable light output which will not cause eye-strain.

Without any mercury, lead and other hazardous materials, LED high bay lights are totally eco-friendly lighting fixtures. Our LED high bays are easy to install, they can be installed directly in place of the current fixtures. LED high bay fixtures are perfect for use in high ceiling applications. Due to their intelligent design, these lights offer maximum light output by using a fraction of the energy of a typical high pressure sodium or metal halide high bay light. These fixtures are perfect in a variety of settings from warehouses to retail. Because of their unique solid-state design, LED high bay lights are extremely durable, require virtually no maintenance, and have a long life expectancy of over 50,000 hours.

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