• LED Bay Lighting

LED Bay Lighting

High quality LED Bay Lights - Save over 50% electricity cost, no maintain cost, over 30000 hours lifespan, high efficacy, reliability and no pollution,  ideal replacements and perfect for industrial applications such as warehouses where powerful light is required to cover a large area from a low height.  These long life lamps offer a significant reduction in replacement and maintanance costs.

Ultra Efficient and High Brightness LED Bay Lights

LED bay lights are ultra efficient lighting fixtures which come with high brightness LEDs. Deep reflectors or shallower reflectors are available for LED bay lights to illuminate from high ceilings or low ceilings. Specially designed aluminum heat sink ensures full heat dissipation of LED bay lights. LED bay lights can save over 50% electricity consumption compared with HPS or MH lamps, meanwhile LED bay lights last much longer than their rivals. Thanks to these features, LED bay lights are the optimal replacement for HPS lamps and MH lamps. Now LED bay lights have become one of the most used lighting fixtures for industrial lighting and commercial lighting. They are widely used in warehouses, factories, workshops, stadiums, supermarkets and many such other places where a large area has to be illuminated.


  • LED High Bay Lights

    LED High Bay Lights

    Fobsun LED high bay lights utilize single high power LED as light source, which integrates multi chips in a single LED module that features high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay and pure colors etc. Combining with high efficiency driver, LED high bay lights are ultra energy efficient and maintenance free. Patented anodized aluminum heat sink and deep reflector design ensure not only a low running temperature of the whole fixture, but also bright and uniform&nbs...View More

  • LED Low Bay Lights

    LED Low Bay Lights

    Fobsun LED low bay lights are developed by experienced engineers with the state-of-art LED lighting technology. With a shallower reflector and a wide lighting beam, LED low bay fixtures can diffuse the light outward from a low ceiling uniformly to the objects. Patented anodized aluminum heat sink and shallower reflector design not only ensure a low running temperature of the whole LED low bay fixture, but also diffuse the light outward from a lower ceiling. The LED low bay light...View More

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