Jiangxi Blue Water Source 01

Jiangxi Blue Water Source 02

Location: Blue Water Source, Jiangxi Province, China

Product Used: Customized LED lanterns

Effects Description: Jiangxi Blue Water Source is a small town locating on the south bank of Yangtse River in Jiangxi Province, China. This small town with many unique ancient residences is a very important tourist attraction. In order to highlight its archaic Chinese rhymes, the town wanted to employ some lighting solutions which have more Chinese characteristics. Lantern is a traditional Chinese lighting fixture and would be the most suitable solution for the town. FOBSUN engineers suggested them to combine the traditional light fxiture with the latest light source LED light source, which will be more energy efficient and eco-friendly. With FOBSUN customized LED lantern, the town can attract more tourists and the energy consumption has been reduced considerably. Meanwhile the LED lanterns are eco-friendly with little carbon dioxide emission and will not cause any light pollution. Requiring no maintenance costs, the LED lanterns can last over 35,000 hours.


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