LED Lighting Case Study – Belgium

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A Luxury Bus

(Belgium) This case is about interior lighting for a luxury bus in Belgium. The bus belongs to a public transportation company in Belgium, and this company is the client of FOBSUN. Because most buses in this company use conventional fluorescent tubes for interior lighting, the energy consumption of these tubes accounts for a large proportion in the total energy consumption. The manager decided to make some changes and try some new light source. The company consulted FOBSUN sales person and engineers. They suggested him to employ LED lighting which is much more energy efficient and eco-friendly than conventional fluorescent tubes.

The company developed a set of requirements for any potential solution. They wanted a solution that would meet or exceed the light output and light quality of the existing lights and they wanted a solution that could be easily installed without having to replace the existing fixtures.

Trial Installation
The company considered several brands of LED lighting. A set of selected products were installed in working fixtures in the buses, and the staff collected opinions and rankings from passengers. They also measured light levels for each installation.

Based on the energy saving calculations and the inputs from the company, the FOBSUN FFL-T8-P1500-81W-H LED tube light was chosen to replace the conventional fluorescent tubes.

The company installed around 12 FOBSUN FFL-T8-P1500-81W-H LED tube lights in a luxury bus as shown in the table below. The table also shows the hours of operation for each installation.

#    Fluorescent tube wattage and ballast wattage    Hours/year
12     40w+9w                                                        2555

Business Case Analysis
The company conducted an analysis to determine the economic feasibility of replacing the existing fluorescent lighting with FOBSUN LED lighting. This analysis considered several factors including,

Energy savings
Capital cost
Maintenance savings
Reduction of hazardous materials

Energy Savings
Energy savings was the original driver for this project, and the savings were expected to be significant using the latest LED lighting technology. Each of the FFL-T8-P1500-81W-H LED tube lights consumes 25 watts and no ballast needed. Using the hours of operation and fluorescent wattage from the table above, the energy savings are as follows:

Fluorescent lamps: 1502.34kwh/year
FOBSUN FFL-T8-P1500-81W-H LED tube light: 766.5kwh/year
Savings: 735.84kwh/year

The company pays $0.17/kwh for its electricity yielding an annual savings of $125.0928.

Although not included in the analysis, the use of LED lighting also significantly reduces the heat generated by the light fixtures thereby reducing the load on the air-conditioning system and further reducing the electricity usage.

Capital Cost
The capital cost of the LED tube lights for this project was $420

Maintenance Savings
The long service life of the FFL-T8-P1500-81W-H LED tube lights eliminates the maintenance cost associated with changing light bulbs (the replacement bulb cost and the associated labor). The approximate maintenance cost savings is $150/year using very conservative estimates for the labor and lamp costs.

Using the estimates above, the calculated time to payback for this project is slightly more than 1.5 years. Using only the energy savings, the time to payback is slightly less than 3.3 years.

Future Plans
The company is very satisfied with the light quality and the appearance of the FFL-T8-P1500-81W-H LED tube lights, and has identified additional applications for the product in order to increase its energy savings.


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