LED Lighting Case Study – London, England

LED foyer lighting

Foyer of A House

(England) This lighting case is about a foyer of a house in London, England, the house owner wanted to install some new light bulbs in the foyer. These lights will be mainly used for general lighting. The owner considered incandescent lighting since the existing fixtures are chandeliers, but the incandescent lighting solution was denied finally since it was not energy efficient and eco-friendly enough. And EU has planned to phase out incandescent lights during the future several years, so they decided to find a new type of lighting which is not only energy efficient, but also eco-friendly. Finally they decided to employ LED lighting.

Since the existing fixtures are chandelier and down lighting fixtures, and the owner did not want to replace them, LED candle bulbs and LED down lights will be the optimum option for him. He developed a set of requirements for any potential solution. He wanted a solution that would meet or exceed the light output and light quality of incandescent and fluorescent lighting. And he wanted a solution that could be easily installed without having to replace the existing fixtures.

After communicating with FOBSUN sales person and engineers, they determined to use FOBSUN LED lighting solution, and FOBSUN FLB-FC-E12-3W LED candle bulb and FCL-D9076-9W-H LED down light were chosen as the final solution.

The house owner installed 30 pieces of FOBSUN FLB-FC-E12-3W LED candle bulb and about 5 pieces of FCL-D9076-9W-H LED down light around the foyer as shown in the table below. The table also shows the hours of operation for each installation.

#    Incandescent Wattage    Location    Hours/year
30    20w                             The foyer    4380 hours
5      60w                             The foyer    4380 hours

Business Case Analysis
The house owner conducted an analysis to determine the economic feasibility of using FOBSUN LED lighting. This analysis considered several factors including,

Energy savings
Capital cost
Maintenance savings
Reduction of hazardous materials

Energy Savings
Energy savings was the original driver for this project, and the savings were expected to be significant using the latest LED lighting technology. Compared to incandescent bulbs, each of the FLB-FC-E12-3W LED candle bulb consumes 3 watts and each of the FCL-D9076-9W-H lights consumes 9 watts. Using the hours of operation and incandescent wattage from the table above, the energy savings are as follows:

Incandescent lamps: 3942kwh/year
FOBSUN LED lights: 591.3kwh/year
Savings: 3350.7kwh/year

The house owner pays $0.17/kwh for its electricity yielding an annual savings of $569.619.

Capital Cost
The capital cost of the LED down lights for this project was $650.

Maintenance Savings
The long service life of the FLB-FC-E12-3W LED candle bulb and FCL-D9076-9W-H LED down light eliminates the maintenance cost associated with changing light bulbs (the replacement bulb cost and the associated labor). The approximate maintenance cost savings is $200/year using very conservative estimates for the labor and lamp costs.

Using the estimates above, the calculated time to payback for this project is slightly more than 0.8 years. Using only the energy savings, the time to payback is slightly more than 1.1 years.

Future Plans
The house owner is very pleased with the light quality and the appearance of the FLB-FC-E12-3W LED candle bulbs and FCL-D9076-9W-H LED down lights, and has identified additional applications for the products in order to increase energy savings.


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