Fobsun's Quality Policy

Our quality policy is as follows:

1.Recognise quality as fundamental to the well being of our business;
2.Set our Quality Objectives at the annual Management Review Meeting;
3.Review/revise our Quality Objectives once per month at a Directors Meeting;
4.Ensure that adequate resources exist within the company to achieve our Quality Objectives;
5.Train our staff that they are encouraged to contribute to our Quality Objectives, and provide them with information that they can see our progress;
6.Maintain and develop a Quality Management System in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2000.


Our company's products are used in a wide variety of fields, and their quality has been highly praised. We place the highest priority on listening to the voices of the valued customers we have obtained over many years, and are working hard to develop products that will provide even greater satisfaction and on maintaining and further improving our high quality.

Three principles of quality

Quality in practical usage
We manufacture not finished products but fundamental parts for use and assembly in the finished products of our customers. Therefore we guarantee a level of quality appropriate in the practical usage of the finished products.
Quality in processes
We strive to improve the quality level in all processes from the manufacturing process of material and parts to delivery of products, and perform all actions based on the concept that quality be built into products in these processes.
Quality in reliability
We value each and every product, and pursue reliability through PPM (Parts Per Million) level quality in order to provide satisfaction to the customer.


The feature of our quality control

Development of new products that conform to the needs of customers
Our Engineering and Quality Assurance Divisions are in constant contact with Sales Division, and also have direct meetings with customers. As a result, it is possible to rapidly reflect customer voices and market needs in the design of new products and quality testing activities, enabling the development and delivery of products with specifications and quality that satisfy customers.
Production using manufacturing equipment developed within the company
Along with designing and developing products, the design/development of manufacturing equipment, production, and mass production activities are all performed within our company. Because of this, by reflecting the required product specifications and quality in the design, development, and improvement of production equipment, we can rapidly deliver products that precisely meet the needs of customers.


Thorough evaluation of reliability

Our company's products fulfill important roles that influence the performance of our customers' products. Because of this, we perform evaluation under a wide range of severe product usage conditions to verify that we have created products having long life, high durability, and high reliability. For this evaluation and testing, we employ the newest equipment and perform thorough reliability evaluation, including evaluations ranging from the products by themselves to products under actual use conditions in actual equipment.

Comprehensive quality information system

We aim to conduct sufficient communication of quality information with all parties concerned, ranging from our related companies and collaboration partners to component and materials manufacturers, and have established a cooperative system focused on source management. In addition, we have also installed a special IT system for approval of various types of quality information, storage of data, etc. to ensure precise handling and management.


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