FOBSUN's Mission

Global care represents our commitment to social and environmental responsibility worldwide. As a leader in innovative lighting solutions, we are dedicated to products and processes that contribute to solving global sustainability challenges, address economic needs and protect the environment for today and for the future.


When you use one of FOBSUN's energy-efficient lamps you can rightly feel like you are protecting the environment; and what a good feeling that is!


Today, artificial light accounts for around 19% of the worldwide consumption of electricity and therefore a considerable proportion of CO2 emissions. This proportion can be significantly reduced with energy-saving lamps, innovative lighting systems and intelligent lighting management systems, making a real contribution to environmental protection.


Holistic environment protection and the sustainability of products take top priority at FOBSUN. We are constantly working to make our production processes more eco-friendly. We consider the entire life cycle of our products. From environmentally friendly product design to safe disposal at the end of their life, this includes continually reducing or replacing mercury and other harmful products that are needed in some lamps. Our researchers are hard at work developing new products that contain no substances at all that are harmful to the environment.


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