Fobsun Presentation

As a leading famous LED intelligent lighting system manufacturer in the world, Fobsun lighting has built up its high reputation all over the world through setting up many lighting landmarks with intelligent LED solution.


What sets Fobsun lighting apart from its competitors? As a customer, what factors should you keep in mind to search "right and proper" lighting solution for your specific project?

Who is Fobsun lighting?

Fobsun has been dedicating itself into LED lighting industry, and spent a great deal of research, test, development and standard defining.


The company not only supplies intelligent LED lighting systems, but also provides thousands of LED knowledge, education and consultation, years of project solution and installation experience, various packages of custom design services.


The company congregates an experienced and powerful management team, knowledgeable and distinguished engineers, talented and energetic employees across the world, to give a sharp focus on warranted product quality, continuous business growth, instant support and service and ensure long-term success.

What other companies have been working with Fobsun? How are the projects and products running?

Fobsun has built up solid and good relationships with thousands of local distributors, electrical contractors, lighting designers, chain stores, online shops, and end users.


Fobsun is the leading manufacturer and has been delivering its intelligent LED lighting systems to every corner of the world. Many of those projects done by Fobsun have enabled the customer various benefits of the new technology and recognized as new landmark of the site.


To learn more about projects done by Fobsun, please visit the "project solutions" category.

How can Fobsun find balance between price and quality?

As a leading LED lighting products manufacturer, Fobsun is always pursuing "factory direct price" and "factory extended warranty".


Through mass production, the company's directors, engineers and employees have been keeping close eyes to minimum the operation cost and production cost. This enables the company ability to supply products at low price and finally bring benefits to end users.


The company executes strict and complex quality control and management system during the test and production processes. New products are developed based on extensive market research and complete tests. All products are produced to meet requirements of regulatory compliance such as UL, CE and CCC. In addition, the company offers extended warranty to its products. The warranty includes replacing defective parts or products free of charge during the guarantee period, and full after-sales technical support during the lifetime.


One word, reasonable price and warranted quality!

Are Fobsun's products digital and intelligent?

Fobsun intelligent LED lighting systems include LED lighting fixtures, support control systems and the related software.

In the total process from designing, testing, producing to installing, Fobsun LED lighting systems adopt the newest digital control technologies including: * complete lighting, driver and control system integration/solution,
* constant current to maximum life and minimum color shift of LED during application,
* high frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) technology to prevent flicker,
* DMX512 and computer setting and edit fully compatible

Fobsun enables customers user-friendly and intelligent LED lighting systems to benefit from the LED technology.

Does Fobsun offer custom design and project solution services? How to do?

As the company owns a strong research and development team, and experienced technicians successfully finished a mass of projects together with international sales.


The company is very confident and proud to help customers provide solutions, and able to offer on-site-installation and 24*7 technical support.


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