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Dear Friends and Partners

To thank our old clients for their long-term sustained support and deep affection, and attract new customers worldwide, from April 10th to May 30th 2012, our company launches a special offer of 30% discount for the following LED downlights and LED tubes. Meanwhile we upgrade all products to 3 year warranty.

Fobsun brings our super quality T8 LED tubes to your sweet home and your tasty office etc, and they definitely would match your modern living standards! The T8 tubes are very popular and can be widely used in the parking lots, residences, trains, warehouses, buses, offices, railway stations and so on.

Why our T8 is so popular?

Long service life, its minimum lifespan can be over 10 years supposing the light is on 8h per day, 70%-80% energy-saving over fluorescent tubes, instant soft-start, minimum maintenance costs, little heat generation, no mercury and other hazardous materials, fully CE and RoHS compliant, quick and easy installation to minimize retrofit costs, and remember we guarantee you a 3 year standard warranty.

Fobsun Support Team


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