Enterprise Culture

Challenge your imagination.

Through innovation, dedication, and commitment to the customer, FOBSUN has established a reputation as the world's premier LED lighting manufacturer. As we move into new markets and expand our horizons, maintaining-and enhancing-that reputation is something every one of our employees takes personally. FOBSUN employees work together with suppliers and customers to accomplish a vision: Be recognized by our customers as their best LED lighting manufacturer.


FOBSUN's formula for success is built on involving our employees every step of the way. We simply would not be where we are today without the talent of our employees.


We work hard to keep our people challenged, and reward those who meet those challenges. As a world-class employer, FOBSUN offers its full-time employees world-class benefits. The benefits programs are designed with our diverse employee population in mind. Many benefit plans and programs providing different options and coverage levels so you can select what you feel is most appropriate for you and your family.


If you are an enthusiastic, creative, passionate person looking for a place where your ideas will be valued, look no further than FOBSUN.


Working in small teams, FOBSUN employees develop solutions vital to our customers' success in an ever-changing market. Yet there is still room for individuality, where creativity can bloom. As a vibrant, youthful company, FOBSUN encourages our employees to exhibit boldness and daring in order to sustain our leadership role in the industry. Success of the corporation ultimately depends on the success of our employees, which rests upon the support found among teammates.


Wherever there is a FOBSUN facility, that's FOBSUN's hometown. And as a member of the community, we strongly believe in a responsibility to help others whenever possible. That's why we encourage and organize employee efforts through local civic and charitable activities. Our focus is on educational activities, but contributions are tailored to other local needs and priorities as well.


FOBSUN extends its commitment to the community through its policy of environmental stewardship. This is the guiding force behind our manufacturing processes and the products and technologies we create. FOBSUN prides itself on being a good corporate citizen.


FOBSUN works to minimize negative environmental impact, with products and processes that:
Ø consider environmental impact from the beginning
Ø help reduce the effects of global warming
Ø decrease dependence on natural resources
Ø use recycled materials and can be more easily recycled

Our "green" products not only help our customers comply with global environmental regulations, but also offer higher performance. This marriage of performance and environmental sensitivity creates greater value in FOBSUN products.



In order to be recognized by our customers as their best LED lighting manufacturer, we must have a passion to exceed our customers' expectations at every opportunity. Providing the cultural framework to guide our actions in this quest, FOBSUN has established a set of Principles. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of conduct relative to our responsibility to society. We strive to build and maintain effective relationships with the personals, communities and institutions with which we interact.


Everyday, FOBSUN employees follow this set of principles in their work.


Customer enthusiasm. Our customers' interests always come first. We are committed to products, services, business practices, and an attitude that creates customer enthusiasm. This is the foundation of our market security.


Trust in relationships. We expect our people to build and maintain a foundation of trust and respect in everything they do.


Integrity. We are dedicated to complying with the letter and spirit of the laws, regulations, and ethical principles that govern us. We will protect all confidential information we receive from our customers or business partners.


Responsibility to society. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of conduct relative to our broadest corporate responsibilities to society as a whole. We will strive to build and maintain effective relationships with the communities and institutions with which we interact.


Dedication to excellence. We are determined to achieve excellence in everything we do. Our future success depends on uncompromising adherence to our vision and the absolutes of excellence.


Absolutes of Excellence

As part of FOBSUN's commitment to excellence in everything we do, we have created what we call Absolutes of Excellence, describing the preferred attitude of employees and business partners. Some of the Absolutes focus on our customers' expectation that we perform everything right the first time, every time. Others address how we do it-through caring people, innovation, teamwork, and continuous improvement. Are we there yet? No. And we never will be. Because, at FOBSUN, we recognize that true excellence is a never-ending journey.


FOBSUN's Absolutes of Excellence describe the attitude we need and expect from all of our employees and business partners.


Focus: Your customer. Our customers are the focus of each job and all business processes. Do we pass this test all of the time? If we don't, the job or process is waste. Pay attention to customer focus now and in the future.
Performance goal: Do it right the first time, every time. Our goal is to do it right the first time, every time. We all know it is our goal for others, what about our expectations for ourselves? If you expect nothing less than the best, remember so does the customer.


Method: Innovation and continuous improvement. This is part of FOBSUN's culture and is expected by our customers. What can you do to seek and embrace change?


Control: Customer Feedback. Customer feedback controls the entire process. If the customer says we are doing poorly, then we are. How do you accept customer feedback? Once we accept feedback, the process will get easier.


People: Caring. We must care about our customers, jobs, business, and each other. What do you care about? Excellence is not mechanical. It is really within us.


Style: Teamwork. Working together eliminates the idea of an "internal customer," a concept that can deflect the focus of the real customer. Are you a team player?


Reward: Recognition and security. Having enthused customers means job security. Having dissatisfied customers puts us all at risk, remember that. What must we do? We must recognize and celebrate excellence. Our customers will recognize our excellence.


Above all else, FOBSUN values the health and safety of its employees. We make every effort to ensure our employees have a safe, clean environment where they can do their jobs efficiently. But FOBSUN also views safety as a "product" we provide our customers. The ultimate safety of everyone who uses a FOBSUN product is always on the mind of our employees.


FOBSUN is committed to protecting the health and safety of each employee and constantly strives for an injury-free workplace as our overriding priority. This commitment to providing a safe work environment has lead to an exemplary record at our facilities worldwide.


Though individual groups trace their roots back to the early days of the LED lighting industry at the turn of the 21st century, FOBSUN as a whole is a relatively new company. We became fully independent in 2004, and that infancy provides a unique opportunity to form a new corporate culture. This new FOBSUN culture is full of passion and creativity. It's important that our employees feel proud to work for FOBSUN.



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