Discounts for Bulk Orders

Fobsun electronics is happy to accept your quantity order. Due to the increased efficiency that comes with quantity, we are able to offer discounts with quantity. Fobsun offers different discounts which depend on order quantities. The larger quantity you order, the higher discount you get.

5% discount for quantity 500-1000

8% discount for quantity 1000-2000

Discount for quantity 2000+ on a case by case basis


The best part is that large quantity does not significantly lengthen our manufacture time. With very high production capacity, Fobsun can organize production and ship out products in time. With 2000+ quantity, the discount we can offer depends on many factors, including the complexity of the manufacture, whether you have an electrician staff to handle general support and troubleshooting, and just how much of a bulk discount we get from our suppliers on your components. To learn more, or if you would like a quote on a bulk order, just drop us an email!


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