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Building & Commercial Offices

Lighting for buildings, commercial areas, offices and hospitals can be very important. For example, the commercial areas such as supermarkets and shopping mall with proper lighting can not only create comfortable shopping environments to attract the customers, but also considerably save energy bills. Proper lighting in the offices can keep staff alert and improve working efficiency. Right lighting solution in a hospital can affect the doctors' and patients' mood and facilitate the doctors' work and patients' recovery. To achieve the best lighting effects in these areas, LED lighting can be the optimum choice due to their high energy efficiency, low heat generation and comfortable light output. Fobsun has completed numerous lighting cases for buildings, commercial areas, offices and hospitals all round the with LED tube lights, LED downlights and LED light bulbs.

General Illumination

Nowadays, LED lighting became more and more popular for general illumination in hotels, residences, restaurants, supermarkets etc. The energy wasting incandescent bulbs are phased out gradually. LED light bulbs feature higher energy efficiency, lower heat generation and more comfortable light output compared to incandescent bulbs. Using LED lights not only can save energy bills, maintenance costs and light bulb replacement costs, but also can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and prevent climate warming. With many successful lighting cases all over the world, Fobsun is dedicated to promoting LED lighting for general illumination and bring green lighting solutions to every family all over the world.


There are many factors that shall be considered when choosing lighting fixtures for residences, but the following three factors should be the most important ones. The first one is whether the light fixtures are energy efficient since if you use energy wasting light fixtures, you will pay much more energy bills. The second one is whether the light fixtures are green lighting fixtures which contain no toxic materials that do harm to human body. Conventional light fixtures all contain toxic materials which may cause headache and other diseases. The third one is whether the light fixtures can emit comfortable and bright light according to different lighting requirements. The light that traditional light fixtures emit can be very sharp and may cause eye-strain. Summarizing the above three points, the only qualified light fixtures shall be LED lighting fixtures. Many families now retrofit their old incandescent bulbs with LED light bulbs and the effects are satisfactory. With lots of successful lighting cases for residences all over the world, Fobsun is professional enough to help you switch your old enery wasting lighting fixtures to energy efficient and green LED lighting.

Transportation & Bus Vehicle

Safety is the most important factor that shall be considered when installing vehicle lighting. Nowadys more and more vehicle manufacturers utilize LED lights for vehicle lighting, which can obviously improve safety when driving. LED vehicle lights can keep the driver alert and prevent the accidents caused by fatigue driving. LED lights used as fog lights for vehicles can also be more penetrable into the fog than other types of fog lights since the light that LED lights delivers are directional. Vehicle owners can also retrofit their vehicles with LED lights by DIY, Fobsun can provide low voltage LED vehicle lights to improve the lighting qulity and safety for your vehicles.

Cities & Landscape

LED wall washers, LED ribbon lights and LED strip lights provided by Fobsun can be the optimum choices for cities and landscape lighting. They can create dazzling lighting efffects such as color changing, color chasing and color fading, which can highlight the architectures, city squares and so on. Meanwhile, they are more reliable and safer than traditional decorative lighting solutions with much lower power consumption. The following lighting cases for cities and landscape highlight executed by Fobsun not only create the right lighting effects and atmosphere for the clients, but also greatly reduces the clients' energy bills.


Architectural lighting always emphasizes on highting the architectures, however, how can we highlight the architectures? Static lighting or single color lighting can not achieve ideal effects, therefore color changing effects and RGB color lighting are very helpful to highlight the architectures. LED lighting can create various dynamic lighting effects and RGB lighting effects with much less power consumption and maintenance costs. Fobsun Electronics provides professional LED lighting fixtures which are suitable for architectural lighting, such as LED wall washers, LED strip lights, LED ribbons etc. Here are some successful lighting cases for architectural lighting designed and executed by Fobsun which utilized LED wall washers, LED strip lights and LED ribbons and got ideal effects.

Advertisement & Signs

LED signage lighting are better than traditional signage lighting due to their durability, high energy efficiency and reliability. LED neon lights, LED ribbon lights can be widely used for advertisement and signs to replace traditional glass neon. LED lighting for signs and advertisement can highlight the contents to be displayed and attract customers' attention by its fantastic color changing effects. Fobsun can provide various LED lighting solutions for advertisement and signs according to different situations. As a matter of fact, Fobsun has completed numerous LED signage lighting cases for advertisement and signs, which are highly praised by the clients.

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