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FOBSUN announces CE, RoHS Listed T8 LED Fluorescent Tube Light

29 Mar

T8 LED Fluorescent Tube Light delivers a highly-efficient, more reliable, more economical and long-lasting LED solution for general lighting.
 LED T8 Tubes

FOBSUN ELECTRONIC LIMITED, a world leading manufacturer and provider of LED lighting products, announces the new generation of T8 LED Fluorescent Tube Light which utilizes high bright SMD LEDs that provides up to 100 lumens per watt as light source.

This new T8 Tube Light, described as an ideal future-proof lighting solution, continues FOBSUN’s high level of light output and efficacy. It enables more efficient, more reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly lighting solutions for a large scale of applications such as homes, offices, museums, galleries, shop windows, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms that typically use conventional fluorescent tubes. For owners and users of these applications, implementing LED T8 Tube Lights can reduce operating costs, energy consumption, and deliver a better experience for the owner.

The T8 Tube Light is compatible with any existing T8 socket, just remove the starter and disconnect the ballast in the fixture, replace the old tube. Then switch on the power, the high bright light output without glaring will bring you a brand new experience. Using high quality SMD LEDs ensures its high efficacy (typical 100 lm/w).

It is made from brushed aluminum with optical cover and a hemicycle structure, which ensures a fully dissipation of the heat. The heat sink area will be enlarged due to the special design to make the discharge of heat more easily. All these advantage ensure the light a long lifetime of over 50,000 hours.

Apart from its efficacy and long lifetime, it adopts an isolation power supply; which enables the power factor to reach up to 0.98 at 110V AC. The maximum lumens output could be 2000 lumens which is equal to a 100 watt conventional fluorescent.

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