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LED Light Boxes, Light Up Your Marketing

12 Jul

LED lights can last for up to 30 years and use much less power than conventional bulbs, so they are ideal for light boxes. The strong yet pleasant light emitted by LEDs can be used to create decorative light boxes for displaying any photo, graphic, poster or document you want to draw attention to, especially in permanent displays.

Although LED boxes cost more, the initial expenses are quickly regained in both replacement costs of bulbs and energy saved. Compare the lifetime of a florescent bulb — 15,000 hours maximum — to the 100,000 hours of use an LED bulb produces and it is easy to see how just eliminating the chore of replacing bulbs can be a distinct advantage. LED bulbs also come in a range of colors that can be installed to complement your graphics. Commercial businesses are finding LED light boxes to be a perfect way to advertise both outside to attract customers and inside to promote in-store sales and special offers. The shadow-free illumination provided by professionally designed LED light boxes includes technologies that transfer the bright light from the edge of the box to the center. They are also much lighter and thinner than florescent or conventional light boxes so they are easier to install and relocate as needed.

LED light boxes are perfect for companies who have booths at conventions and trade shows. Freestanding displays made with LED light boxes can attract attention and generate interest in your product or service. You can change the graphics as often as you like for different events and promotions. You can even use these lightweight attractive light boxes in the lobby of your business when they are not on the road to give your entrance a professional appeal.
LED light box pedestals are also very useful for businesses who need to display directories or provide convenient maps for their visitors. The steady, even transmission of the LED light in a pedestal box makes all points visible in the display so even the fine details are easy to read. When you attach it to a permanent sturdy frame, you can place it in high-traffic areas since it is durable and requires little to no maintenance. LED Boxes can also be designed to include audio loops for informative messages and directions. Some LED light boxes have been adapted to react to musical beats, pulsing on an off in synchronization with the music. These create an excellent ambiance for entertainment venues and restaurants and also can liven up convention displays.

Because they use so little power and are so thin and light weight, LED boxes are an excellent choice for advertising at mobile venues and can be put to good use on DJ stages, as menus for food service trailers or a merchandise list for mobile retail merchants. LED light boxes can be run on rechargeable batteries if needed, or plugged directly into the car battery with cigarette lighter adaptors.

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