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Grow Lights Benefit Hydroponic Plant Cultivation In Many Ways

05 Sep

Proper lighting is a vital part of the Hydroponic plant cultivation system. Aside from nutrients and water, a significant amount of lighting is just as important. Well, this is because, as we all are aware of the fact is plants also take in nutrients by a process known as photosynthesis. In the absence of light, it is not easy for it to flourish. Apart from this, plants also demand for light with distinct wavelengths to grow and mature properly. This basically includes plants grown for flowers and fruits as well. There are varied certain different options when it comes to proper lighting. The following part of the article will deal with LED grow lights. They are also known as light emitting diode lamps.

Out of a wide range of lighting alternatives available for hydroponics, LED grow lights are the newest and widely popular addition to the family. The fact is that the engineering behind these lamps has enhanced greatly over the last few years. There could be no denying to this fact that it gained acceptance shortly with growers because of its effectiveness. One of the most popular reasons for this is because these sorts of lamps emit a broad spectrum in wave length and produce small amounts of heat, in relation to the amount of light generated. In addition to this, LED lights are very long lasting and will last a long time. The truth is that the commonly heard complaint about them is the higher initial purchase cost. However, this cost is more than made up by its durability and efficiency.

LED lights are heralded as some of the most efficient and widely recognized grow lights available in the market today. Compared to the ancient incandescent bulbs, they are nearly 70 % more efficient. In actual, this means that you will be able to replace a 60-70 watt bulb with these advanced lamps that are only around 8-10 watts. As far as the coloring of the light is concerned, LED lights can easily suit color with any of the other alternatives. On a final note, lighting actually needs depends on the plant. More to the point, some plants need more light than others. LED’s are available in several levels of wattage based on your requirements.

In order to stimulate flowering and fruit production, the plant basically needs violet-blue light. In fact, the grower actually needs to understand is that LED grow lights can be engineered so as to meet both of these requirements.


Indoor Grow Rooms – The Ultimate Growing Experience

22 Aug

Indoor grow rooms are quickly becoming very popular with people growing their own food. Indoor grow rooms are a step up from the grow cabinet because you can product vastly more plant matter. If you have the room for one, you could feed a family of four with fresh produce almost all year round.

As a controlled environment, indoor grow rooms offer many advantages over outdoor alternatives. However, without adequate ventilation, the plants may consume resources, like oxygen and carbon dioxide, faster than they can be replenished. Adequate gas exchange is necessary for optimal plant growth. Ventilation in indoor grow rooms is vital for maintaining an optimal temperature for the plants. Advanced indoor grow rooms even include air conditioning to keep running temperatures down, as well as CO2 to boost the plant’s growth rate.

The plants in indoor grow rooms can be grown in soil, or without, via other means such as Hydroponics and Aeroponics. Not only is growing in a soilless medium more cost effective, one also gets a much higher yield, as well as faster fruit maturation. There will be no weeding out and no bugs to contend with. Soilless mixes usually carry 0% nutrients so the gardener can utilize the perfect combination of nutrients for the crop. Vermiculite, Perlite, Coconut husk and Rockwool are the most popular media for indoor grow rooms cultivation.

The three most common varieties of lighting for indoor grow rooms are HID – High-intensity discharge lamps (the most prevalent for this application being: high pressure sodium for flowering and metal halide for growing), compact fluorescent lamps, and traditional Fluorescent lamps. Incandescent and halogen lamps are not suitable for indoor grow rooms as they generate excessive heat, with a low lumen to watt ratio. LED lights are becoming more popular for indoor grow rooms due to their low energy requirements and low heat output. LED grow light market and are proving to be highly efficient as a substitute for sunlight for growing plants.


Grow Food Indoors And Eat Fresh

15 Aug

It is always a matter of great pleasure to grow foods for own and it has been proved a favorite past time for many people. But the main problem is not everyone has access to an outdoor space. So anyone can take the opportunity to grow foods indoors.  Everyone nowadays seems to grow them indoors. As growing anything is not so easy and you may face difficulties to grow them so the proper steps to grow a food must be figured out.

For the foods proper placement of the pot is needed. It is hard for some food to tolerate the window which is facing north or any window where direct sunshine available less than four hours of a day. So you should keep the pot of the plant as per their need. In the season of winter though sunny windows look brighter, but the available light can be only 1/10th of needed intensity of light for plants to grow in a right manner. So it is always a better option to grow those foods in grow light.

After ensuring the light soil can be the next preference. You can use the any available bucket sizes which are but not limited to ceramic pots, metal tubs, terra cotta pots, ice cream buckets, wooden window boxes, glass bowls etc. But must be sincere about the soil combination. For proper growing foods require excellent drainage system. While confining the rootsin the pots water and air flow is tough. So soil must be managed by considering these aspects.

Feeding of foods is also a necessary step. As the foods are confined of a pot when they are planted indoors, supplementary feedings must be ensured. Potting soil can be fertilized with liquid fertilizers while watering. There are various types of foods which can be planted. So you must ensure the proper feeding as per the need of that food. You can have references from the internet as need of the different herb is different.

While growing foods indoors, temperature should be considered as a very important factor. Foods are many of time temperature sensitive. But as you are growing them in the indoors, so you have the option to control the temperature as per the need of the food. Lower temperature can be the most suitable for many plants. One more thing should be considered about growing the foods and this is the humidity factor. This is an important aspect for growing plants. If proper humidity can be ensured then good result can be figured out. Growing tents are essential to help to maintain a controlled temperature for hydroponic plants

In case of indoors planting maintenance should be ensured. Proper maintenance will lead you to the better outcome. The food plants must be provided with proper watering facility. But besides it should be kept in mind that some plants need low water supply. So each and every plant should be provided with the watering facility as per their own need. Another part of maintenance must be taken care. Weed out of the plant must be performed in regular intervals. If you like growing food then assuredly growing foods indoors can fulfill your this thrusts.


Indoor Grow Light Basic Overview – Fluorescent & LED Grow Lights

01 Aug

These days fluorescent grow lights (available in various color temperature ranging from 2800°K to 6000°K) are mostly used for starting seedlings and growing green leafy vegetables and herbs. Cool white fluorescent lights are also sometimes used for this purpose. In comparison to the above described lamps,fluorescent ones last much longer (for about 20,000 hours) and emit two times more lumens per watt of the consumed energy. In addition, they are quite cost-effective.

These days fluorescent grow lights (available in various color temperature ranging from 2800°K to 6000°K) are mostly used for starting seedlings and growing green leafy vegetables and herbs. Cool white fluorescent lights are also sometimes used for this purpose. In comparison to the above described lamps,fluorescent ones last much longer (for about 20,000 hours) and emit two times more lumens per watt of the consumed energy. In addition, they are quite cost-effective.

Finally, there are also hybrid high output fluorescent/HID lamps featuring cool burning combined with the penetration of high intensity discharge technology. Their advantages include even lighting and wide range of light colors, along with reasonable cost and electricity consumption when growing  plants indoors.

LED Grow Lamps

LED grow lamps belong to the latest developments, which are nowadays successfully integrated into the indoor gardening. They are highly valued by the gardeners for the bright light they radiate, which is in addition of the exact colors necessary for the plants. Moreover, they do not produce much heat and do not need ballasts, consuming at the same time less electricity than some other types of lamps. Finally, they are long-lasting and quite inexpensive.

A LED lamp is made of a number of narrow-spectrum blue LEDs and a much larger number of wide-spectrum red LEDs of specific wavelengths. They say High Power based LED grow lamps may be used for growing various plants indoor. On the other hand, these lights have a big week-point: they consist of the wavelengths perfectly seen by the humans, while plants may need other wavelengths for the ideal growth. Thus, luminous efficiency of LED lamps could have been better to be used for growing plants indoors.


Hydroponics System with Grow Tents

18 Jul

Technology has been successful in finding a different way to produce crop without affecting environment and people welfare. Hydroponics farming is thus introduced in the gardening field. In places where gardening or in-ground growing is not possible hydroponics proves to be helpful. The most important benefit of Hydroponics farming is that it is possible with fewer amounts of soil or even without any soil.

All eastern and western countries like Canada, Japan etc are blooming with hydroponics industry to maintain defined output yield, healthy and nutrias production. While choosing the plants for hydroponics growing you must be well educated about every mineral and nutrient required for the each type of plant. Some minerals that are found in soil are to be remembered while hydroponic agriculture as soil is not present. Grow tents are widely used now a days in hydroponics farming.

The grow tents are generally shaped square like box lined with commissioned blackout white/white sheeting or black for high level of light in the tent. They range around between 40 to 600. This tents absorbs heat from the light and produce plant effectively and rapidly. Different sizes and different types of grow tents are available in the market; you must choose the appropriate size fitting your space. The greatest advantage of grow tents that it can be used by anyone anywhere.

This grow tents are truly environment friendly and even eco-friendly as it allows you to save a lot penny as hydroponics needs very less water and soil. By setting timers on fans, heaters and lights you can save a much more electricity. While saving on your bill you can even provide light and heat to your plants.

Grow tents are best for controlling the temperature for plants. It is sometime difficult in some regions to grow plant, veggies and fruits because of seasonal changes, a particular temperature are required to be maintained year around. One benefit of grow tent is that if you are fond of growing berries it will help you in the best way, and will keep it quite safe from critters and insects. It will also protect your berries from sun exposure as they need adequate shade often to become plump or sweet.

Besides this best grow tents are good for tall plants. As tall plants requires a lot amount of oxygen. Grow tents comes with many useful features like airflow outlet that allows extraction of hot air from the tent. The material used to manufacture grow tent is the oxford cloth, as it is very strong is does not breaks or cracks due to high temperature.

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