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LED Tube Lights Drastically Reduce Electricity Consumption

16 May

LED tube lights nowadays are the most popular LED lighting solution to replace traditional fluorescent tube lights due to their high energy efficiency, longer lifespan, easier retrofit, low maintenance costs and eco-friendly. Although traditional fluorescent tube lights are still widely used by residential lighting and commercial lighting, they have many disadvantages which enable LED tube lights to become their optimal replacements.

Firstly, conventional fluorescent tubes are not energy efficient enough. Although they are more energy efficient than the oldest incandescent bulbs, they are defeated by the new LED lighting. The luminous efficacy of LED light source can be 2 times as that of the fluorescent light source, which means the LED tube lights can drastically reduce the electricity consumption by 50% while delivering the same light intensity compare with conventional fluorescent tubes. Light emitting diode is a great invention which will brings a lighting revolution and it has high luminous efficacy of over 100 lumen per watt.

Secondly, conventional fluorescent tubes have much shorter lifespan than LED tube lights. Generally speaking, fluorescent light source can last around 8,000 hours, while LED light source can last at least 50,000 hours (considering the lifespan of the matched LED driver, the lifespan of the whole light can be more than 35,000 hours), which is at least 5 times as the lifespan of fluorescent.

Thirdly, fluorescent tubes are not eco-friendly since they contain mercury, lead and other hazardous materials. When discarded, they will cause heavy environment pollution. LED light source is green light source which contains no hazardous materials and LED tube lights are made from 100% eco-friendly and recyclable materials which will not cause environment pollution. And our planet now is confronting terrible environmental problems, just switch from fluorescent tubes to LED tube lights, you can contribute to save the planet.

Plus, LED tube lights are easier retrofit and compatible with conventional T5 or T8 fixtures, they don’t need ballasts, and are quite easy to install. In addition, LED tube lights are more durable and reliable than conventional fluorescent tubes, during their lifetime, they hardly need any maintenance costs.

So to sum it up, LED tube lights is the latest trend to replace conventional fluorescent tubes due to their many advantages.


Interesting Facts about LED Tube Lights

12 Oct

Environment awareness is now enhancing in the whole globe. Therefore, the need for the energy efficient lights is also increasing with the time. People are now searching options of the lights which can replace the traditional lights, reduce power consumption for home and office. They also have to be very much functional while being cost effective. For these people, LED tube lights can be a solution. Many people will ask what is LED light. So the answer is LED means Light-Emitting Diode. It includes tiny semiconductor chips which can transform electricity into light so it can pass via the LEDs.

Conventional luminous lights generate light as a second output from a severely heated mono filament which requires a high amount of energy. But the LEDs transform the energy which flows from itself to generate light. It is mostly twice effective than the regular luminous bulbs. Current research in Fluorescent lights has made the handy fluorescent lights known as CFLs. It is gaining popularity among users for the energy conservation method. But the LED lights for home are more capable for energy conservation compare to it, if you compare to the long term run and lifetime of the product for the home.

LED tube lights can sustain 50-75 higher than the luminous bulbs and 6 to 8 times more than the CFLs. Of course, the initial cost of the LEDs is higher than the luminous and fluorescent lights but eventually it will be paid off with the cost effectiveness and lifespan of the lights. They are save cost and the energy for the long time. In the meantime, there are some health and environment issues related to the fluorescent lighting. Many of the fluorescent lights have mercury in its substances which are highly dangerous to the mankind. It is tough to dispose.

Since CFLs are generally have very small quantity of mercury but still it is harmful if exposed in outer environment. If the disposal is not proper, it can create long term health issues and the threats to the soil, water and architecture. Also, the phosphor coating of the CFL coating adds risks when broke or damaged. Fluorescent lights also causes the irritation and headache problems. Sometimes it can cause the vision and eye problems. LED lights remove the flickering issue, common with other types of lights.


LED Tube Lights Create Benefits in Multiple Office Areas

12 Oct

Commercial real estate properties may benefit from utilizing LED tube lights throughout their offices, as these can create tremendous benefits when looking to be both energy efficient and save on electric bills.

Exit stairs benefit from LED lighting

The exit stairs can produce significant savings for a building’s energy costs. This is because the lights only use 15 watts of energy for every four feet of lighting, the article noted. This makes it much more efficient than other lighting options, especially fluorescent options. These areas need to be lit at all times, due to safety requirements in many buildings. However, even though they never turn off, these items only cost fewer than $35 to run year-round. This is approximately $15 more efficient than any other option, and would only cost a maximum of $150 for each light to be installed.

Offices also reap LED benefits

Office space can also be a place to save money on lighting, and the period that the lights are is typically far less than in exit stairs, the article explained. Lights are on in offices between eight and 10 hours each day for five days a week. However, there is not typically a huge difference between the savings for fluorescent options and LED lighting. This is due to the heightened installation costs for LEDs, as fluorescent lights are much less expensive, despite not saving as much energy. LED tubes only save about $5 each on an annual basis in an office setting. However, there is a way to make LED lights save the office more money.

Combining both options is important

Due to the LED options only saving a slightly higher amount of money than fluorescent lights in the office setting, the article added that it may be important for companies to look toward the combination of the two options. By ensuring that the office saves money by using better lighting, the long-term goals of reaching government retrofit incentives can be reached. This is, in part, because exit stairs equipped with the lighting can save as much as three times the amount of fluorescent options. The minimum return on investment from government programs is 10 percent, but the areas with constant lighting have a return of more than 30 percent, on average.

If you own or are considering a commercial building purchase and are interested in evaluating whether an energy system would have long-term benefits for your buildings, just consider LED tube lights as the lighting solution, you will get both huge electricity bill saving and healthier light quality.


Installing LED Tube Lights for Lower Electricity Bills

16 Aug

If you care about your surroundings and have been tired of using those harsh fluorescent lights or halogen bulbs around you, then you might just need to change. LED tube lights are a better option than those traditional light sources that we all use. How? Well, they are more economical, energy efficient, conserve power, lower our electricity bills and moreover get those hazardous fluorescent or other potentially dangerous incandescent lights out of our lives for good. Getting LED lights installed is the best way to save money and go green to protect the earth and your own lives as well.

Coming to the installation and fixture of LED tube lights, now how you will be doing this is a bit tricky. You can simply not get LED lights fixed into the same fixture you might have had for fluorescent lights earlier. Installation of the LED light will need some definite modifications to be done around the fixture of the fluorescent light for sure. Now a fluorescent light fixture consists of three main components; the fluorescent tube light; ballast; and finally the starter. Depending on the type of fluorescent light fixture you might be using, the starter system might have its own usages. In some fixtures it is not required at all, in some it is already built in into the ballast and in some it can be a replaceable component. So when you want to fix a LED light into the same fixture of the fluorescent light, the first thing that you will need to do will be disconnecting the starter and the ballast.

Keep in mind that the LED tube lights you intend to install are of the same shape and size as the fixture that is already wired in your homes. You can easily find the tube lights of the same size in the market and it will save you the hassle of getting new fixtures wired in for the installation of the LED tube lights. The job can be left to an electrician to do but when you are intent on setting about fixing the replacement led light into the old fixture yourselves make sure that the power is off. In cases when the power cannot be cut off to that specific fixture, the use of insulating gloves and a wooden ladder to reach the fixture should not be ignored at all.

Setting about the task yourselves can be a bit of a hassle as it might involve a lot of wire work. You will have to disconnect the cover or the holder along with the ballast when you will be fixing in the new LED tube lights or bulbs. After you are done removing the reflector you will then need to install and rewire the holders for each and every LED tube light separately before you can put the lights into them. Once it is done, and your LED lights are installed you will now get half your electricity bills as far as lighting is concerned.


LED Tube Lights for Home and Office Lighting

25 Apr

Incandescent bulbs used to be very important lighting fixtures, but now they are expected to be phased out due to their high energy consumption. LED lighting has become more and more popular since more consumers begin to recognize the myriad benefits. Get ahead of the trend now by investing in LED tube lights, which are practical, attractive and cost-saving both indoors and out!

LED tube lights can greatly improve the look of any room, and can turn even the plainest space into a well-lit sanctuary in a matter of minutes. You’ll love reading and relaxing under the cool, natural glow of LED lighting in your bedroom, or catching up on your favorite TV shows in the living room. Just replace traditional fluorescent tubes with LED tube lights which are fully compatible with your existing fixtures.

You can also use LED tube lights to light up your outdoor spaces. Try them on your patio, where they’ll shed a beautiful glow on all your outdoor gatherings. They work excellently in the bathroom, where they mimic natural daylight for makeup and hair that are always flawless. LED tube lights can also be used in the office, because they emit white light which is close to nature light which makes it easier to get your work done on time.

LEDs are solid state light source which are so durable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing bulbs – which makes them more eco-friendly too. LED tube lights are not only high energy efficient, but also 100% eco-friendly without any toxic materials, so you can save electricity bills while going green with LED tube lights.

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