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EXPO LED Lighting Features Environmental Protection and Energy-saving, Low Carbon EXPO Enjoys Popular Support

16 Jul

In Shanghai Expo, a group of high-tech industrialization outcomes have been applied, “Low Carbon Expo” enjoys popular support. The largest scale new energy vehicles, the world’s largest area single solar roof, the most centralized semiconductor lighting technology … …

In yesterday’s press conference on the topic of World Expo, Zhou Minhao, deputy director of the Committee of Shanghai economic and information, introduced that Expo Site implemented demonstration and application projects of solar energy, new energy vehicles, smart grid, LED lighting project and so on. On the roof and glass walls of China Pavilion, Theme Pavilion, Expo Center, the performing arts center, we installed solar power generation facilities with total capacity of more than 4.68 megawatts, 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced every year, it is the largest solar photovoltaic demonstration area in China. More than 1400 new energy vehicles run inside and outside the EXPO park for demonstration, pure electricity-driven bus, super capacitor bus, fuel cell vehicles composed green traffic matrix, and public transportation in the Expo park achieved zero emission.

In China Pavilion, Expo Axis, performing arts center and Urban Best Practices Area region, we used semiconductor lighting LED, this is the first time that LED lighting has been large-scale used in Chinese urban street area. More than 200 million pieces LEDs, more than 90,000 sets of different types of full color lamps and rope lights were used on one kilometer Expo axis, which fully represented low carbon Expo, green Expo concept. Currently 1,030,000,000 pieces of LED chips have been used in Expo park; 80% of Expo venues indoor lighting utilized green LED light source, which can save 90% power compared with incandescent lamps.

Zhou Minhao introduced that the development of Shanghai New Energy Industry has progressed rapidly since last year, in 2009 the new energy industry scale reached 25 billion yuan, increasing by 13% than 2008. Orders for nuclear power was 20 billion yuan, market share reached 40%; solar PV production was up to 400 megawatts, increasing by 40%.

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