Old Fashioned Light Bulbs: Swap Incandescent For Energy Saving LEDs

26 Sep

Old fashioned light bulbs are quickly going out of style, only to be replaced by energy efficient LED bulbs, which boast to be a great asset to a number of environments. Such environments include that of hotels, restaurants, office lobbies, art galleries, cafes and households, as well as a number of public spaces.

However, if like many, you prefer a more traditional style, there are a number of LED lighting fixtures available – many of which have been made to look like older styled lamps. Take candle light bulbs for example.

LEDs not only boast to save a great of money on the likes of high-energy costs and replacement bulbs, they are also a great way to care for the environment.

By buying into these bulbs, you will in fact be saving yourself a great deal on future maintenance costs – as there are practically none to worry about!

Though the initial costs will seem higher, especially when compared to that of halogen bulbs, it should not take long before welfares are put back into place. These original costs will rapidly be returned through not having to pay out for halogen replacements on a regular basis and also, high-energy bills.

LED lights are proven to be a massive 80 percent effectual, as the energy is turned into light as opposed to heat! Incandescent light in the other hand holds only 20 per cent of its light as temperatures rise rapidly.

The fact that LEDs last up to ten years is a tremendously remarkable asset, especially when likened to a halogen’s yearly life span. The LED (light emitting diode) conveys lower costs due to its particularly lengthy lifespan. Taking these facts into contemplation instantly affects energy bill prices, which will drop greatly, and in turn, those that choose LEDs over standard lighting fixtures will be helping to protect the environment.


Addressing The Fears About LEDs

20 Sep

1962 was the year in which the LED was first introduced to society, and ever since, the technology behind these innovative bulbs has been growing stronger and stronger.

At first, these bulbs were extremely pricy – a turn-off for many homeowners. However, as technologies advanced, the bulbs began to drop in price and by the mid 90’s; the advent of the high-powered LED was introduced. The diverse uses for these bulbs are increasing on almost a daily basis.

Manufacturers, designers and the eco-friendly are releasing innovative and brilliant ways to deploy this technology, with today’s standard light emitting diodes being used in a variety of unique circumstances.

When you see a structure such as the above, many may feel a little intimidated by the mass of LEDs. Questions such as “how do they work?” “When will they run out?” and “have they been tried and tested?” may spring to mind.

LEDs use a great deal less heat than that of incandescent bulbs and this is one of the reasons they last so long. Incandescent bulbs on the other hand generate only 20 percent lights and 80 percent heat, thus making them one of the most wasteful bulbs on the market today.

Another reason consumers fear the LED is because of its price. LEDs are a little more in price than that of standard bulbs, this price does however reflect in their quality. Certain individuals feel that this is too much to spend on just the one bulb. Yet when you put these costs into the equation, you’ll quickly come to see that LEDs are in fact an investment. Due to their lengthy lifespan, buying into replacement bulbs is now a thing of the past.

LEDs last 25 times as long as standard bulbs, with a possible usage of one-eighth the usual electricity norm. LEDs also work with dimmers, switch on instantaneously to full brightness and stay cool to the touch.

Despite many being scared of the cost, in recent years the prices of LEDs seem to have fallen. The development of these bulbs is growing in a big way, which in turn is lowering the costs of such a device.

LEDs are hugely versatile and as well as today’s expertise lowering their costs, such bulbs are now available in various styles, colors and hues.

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The Next Generation of LED Lighting

20 Sep

Many are now realizing the benefits of LEDs, especially when these innovative bulbs are compared to that of halogen lighting displays. Lighting is one such application that is constantly being improved, which comes as great news to those that wish to light their homes for less! There are an abundance of reasons to consider when it comes to swapping wasteful incandescent bulbs for super saving led light bulbs.

So, what are the drawbacks of halogen bulbs? Many will aspire to learn the answer to this, as without answers, change is sometimes unwarranted. One of the major benefits of LED light bulbs is their energy efficiency. Without making a few changes, you’ll only carry on wasting money. Although LED bulbs may appear a little pricier, they last a great deal longer, which of cause makes their initial price worthwhile.

Recent research has showcased led light bulbs to boast a much longer lifespan than that of incandescent bulbs, which tend to run out on a regular basis. Certain led light bulbs, based on a usage of three hours per day, can in fact last for an impressive total of 22 years. This comes as great news to many, especially those wishing to illuminate larger spaces. Such places may include hotels, office blocks, business showrooms or larger households. Having to replace halogen light bulbs on a regular basis simply becomes a chore and one that can affect the productivity of work. Knowing that an LED will last a number of years – well, this is one less thing to worry about.

Why Waste Energy?

Another factor to consider when thinking about swapping incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs is their energy efficiency, yet also their eco qualities. Their lifespan is 25 times greater than that of a halogen bulb. On top of this, you’ll also be saving a great deal of your own energy. If you work in a large-scale office or boast an ample home, changing halogen bulbs on a regular basis can become tiresome. It can also mean regular trips to and from the local DIY store. If you live in a remote location, or quite simply don’t have the time, this can become somewhat of a chore.

In the past incandescence may have elated light into a variety of settings, yet despite this, halogen bulbs are in fact much better at creating heat than they are light. This is often why many burn their hands on such lighting applications and also, why incandescent bulbs tend to blow! Although Compact Fluorescents may have had their uses, they are still semi competent and extremely fragile, thus making them a poor choice for illumination in this day and age.


How LED Lighting Can Help Save You Money And Help the Environment

12 Sep

Statistics show that now more than ever, Americans are going green by adopting environmentally friendly routines. The emergence of hybrid automobiles, xeriscaping, and solar panels all help society move toward preserving vital natural resources. LED lighting has been proven to be cheaper, more energy-efficient, and safer than other alternative forms of lighting. Also known as LED lighting, this form of lighting has many benefits for the environment, as well as your home or business. Whether you choose battery powered LED lights or another type of LED fixture, here are some of the benefits.

LED Lights Reduce Atmospheric Pollutants

Billions of incandescent light bulbs crowd the landfills, leaking nuclear waste into the soil and atmosphere. Toxic chemicals, such as sulfur oxide and carbon dioxide, are emitted from used incandescent light bulbs and pollute the ecosystem. By switching the bulbs in your home to LED lighting, you can save nearly one half ton of carbon dioxide waste from leaking out into the atmosphere. Not only are you helping to clean up the environment, but you can save a substantial amount of money on your energy bill as well.

LED Lights Save You Money

Studies have shown that the cost of electricity, mainly from using incandescent bulbs, uses up nearly 25% of the average home’s energy budget. Although you may pay more at the store for LED light bulbs, they will save you money through the years. By replacing just one incandescent bulb with an energy-saving LED light bulb, you can save over $50 on your yearly electricity bill. Think of the possible savings you could have by replacing your entire home’s lighting with LED lights.

LED Lights Work More Efficiently

LED lights use only one-third the energy that is required to operate traditional light bulbs.  Experts predict that if every home in America switched to using LED lighting fixtures, nearly 90 power plants that are currently in operation could retire. Currently, a number of power plants are in the pre-planning and early construction stages. Being able to actually stop the construction process and close existing power plants is an amazing feat.

LED Lights are Multi-Purpose

Not only are there LED bulbs for your standard lighting fixtures, but they have expanded to include other areas of your home and business lighting needs as well. If you love to decorate your home with holiday lights, consider purchasing the LED versions of your favorite outdoor lights. You will definitely see a difference in your electricity bill during the costly holiday season.

LED lights are also being introduced in flashlights and lanterns which make great camping accessories. They are also a perfect addition to your home emergency kit. You can be assured that the light bulb in your LED lighting accessory will last much longer than a traditional bulb, especially when you need them during a power outage or on a long camping trip.

Many people want to help save the environment and do their part to preserve the planet for future generations, but they simply aren’t sure how they can make an impact. Switching your lights to LED lighting fixtures is the perfect place to start. Not only is it easy to accomplish, but you are preserving a vital natural resource for your children.


Save Your Pocket With Cost Effective LED Lighting

12 Sep

Does over bright halogen lights that emit heat and hazardous materials annoy you? If yes, then it’s time for you to switch to LED lights. From the twinkling Diwali lightings to daily utilising lights now, LED lighting has almost taken over the lighting market in the past few years. Popular for their low-voltage incandescent systems, LED lights are now used in every household and offices.  LED globes or Downlights are 100% green lighting investment that not just saves your money on your electricity bills but are also a great lighting that illuminates the house.

Unlike Halogens or Incandescent lights, LED Downlights have very low maintenance costs and very less replacements. Available in various watts, colours and dimmable options, LED Downlight are perfect lighting option available in the market.

LED lights are wonderful to illuminate a homeowner’s entryway, around the pool, outdoor kitchen or simply garden. With LED, lighting could be made more subtle and they are a designer’s delight as the LED lights can be made more creative. Click the link to be amazed by huge range in our led lighting store.

While LED lights are wonderful way to brighten up your room, the best feature of these is that they are cost effective. One of the types of LED lights, LED Downlight Globes is the best example of an LED light that is an energy efficient lighting and is an apt replacement form most standard halogen downlights. They are not just soothing to the eyes but have a lifespan that can exceed 50,000 hours. With this quality, a LED Downlight Globe certainly makes a best choice for homes. Another advantage of buying them is they do not contain hazardous materials or emit harmful UV rays.

With the electricity tariff rate rocketing high every now and then, a person is bright if he chooses LED downlight over other available lights as it utilises fraction of the energy required as compared to other lighting alternatives such as halogens.

While LED Downlight many benefits, one of the advantage of LED downlight is that you only need to replace them ever in twenty years! Yes because they are energy efficient. This again curbs excessive costs of replacing and maintaining lighting as compared Halogens or Incandescent.

LED lights are also beneficial from the point of view of health. LED Downlights are so energy efficient that they don’t create heat and keep the room temperature normal. This also helps in maintaining a normal temperature of air condition in sweltering summers!

Why is there a demand of LED Downlights in the market? While it serves the basic purposes of a cost effective lighting, it also gives options to set the lighting as per the desire. Not just LED globes can be easily installed into existing dimmable applications by electrician but you can also set your own dimming lights with Magnetic Dimmer Switches. ‘

Not just your home, but you can also choose a customized LED light for your garden. LED lights make ultra-low cost saving garden lights that also doesn’t harm the plants and leaves as they neither emit heat nor UV radiation. Also they are ideal for both cold and hot temperature and so they would operate well in winters.

LED lighting is by far the most low-voltage, cost effective and smart solution for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Switch to these to get benefits out of it.

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