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Tips for Displaying LED Christmas Icicle

19 Mar

Decorating your home for Christmas can be fun and exciting, yet daunting at the same time. Some people go overboard with lights, decorations, and festivities, while others like a more simplistic way of creating their own holiday masterpiece. From trimming the tree to decorating your house and yard, Christmas decor can be done in many different ways.

One of the most common types of outdoor and indoor adornments for the holidays is lots of greenery. Garlands and trees are decorated with shiny bells, glass balls, and the now-popular LED Christmas icicle lights. These lights provide bright, beautiful illumination for indoor or outdoor decor, and are much safer than other types of Christmas lights that can potential catch fire or burn out quickly. LED lights have a much longer life span and are less likely to become broken or dull over the years. These lights come in many different styles, lengths, and colours.

Most people, when choosing their specific Christmas lights, want to express their sense of pride for their homes by accenting the colours that are already there, so choosing a solid colour such as blue, green, red, or white is for them. Other people want to show their sense of individuality and want lights that blink, chase each other about, or flash in coloured patterns. A great way to display lights for the holidays is to create a design with the lights and build other decorations around them. White LED Christmas icicle lights provide a simple beauty and can be accented by many other types of decorations such as candy canes, snowflakes, and they also look amazing on your Christmas tree, whether you have one inside or outside.

LED lights use far less energy than normal old fashioned Christmas lights. They also withstand being taken down and put in storage much better than other types of temporary lighting due to the durability of the glass used for the bulbs. This thicker, more break-resistant glass allows for a little more wear and tear than the low-impact glass used in other types of lights. Some people leave their lights up year-round, only to find that they are burnt out or broken after a year’s time from exposure to the elements. When using LED lights, the probability of breakage is much less than with more fragile light bulbs.

By using LED Christmas icicle lights, you can decorate more efficiently by reducing the replacement of bulbs, fire hazards, and energy use. These unique lights can be used on trees, garlands, and houses to create the perfect individualized atmosphere for your holiday decorating needs. The LED lights have a brighter, more intense light and last much longer than other types of holiday lights. With a little creativity and work, these brighter, safer light bulbs can create a Winter wonderland for your family during the holiday season, whether you want something simple or more flashy. They come in all sorts of colours, strand lengths, and sizes. Try LED lights this year instead of your old lights for a unique touch for the holidays.


Light Up Your Lovely Home With LED Outdoor Holiday Lights

19 Feb

Once again, it is approaching closer to the coming Christmas holiday season, hence one can begin to plan for one’s home decoration now. Everyone will definitely love the idea of beautifying during this festive period and the experience of doing up for Christmas can be enjoyable for the entire family as well.

The most impressive, dependable, as well as energy-efficient types of lights to utilize is commercial LED Christmas lights. These lights can be sturdy, energy saving, and reliable in performance-wise.

A lot of people who furnish outdoors for Christmas time will at the least beautify the awnings and eaves of their homes. One can choose from huge varieties of Christmas outdoor lighting and the most popular choice is usually LED light bulbs.

Single lighted strands which are easily available in one color, multi-colored and even all white are the most well-known in being used for decorating one’s home. The other lighting style which had gotten popular in recent years for home decoration is icicle lighting. Icicle lighting is available with green or white cable as well as with both solid and multi-colored LED light bulbs.

Trees and shrubs are wonderful areas for Christmas outdoor lighting to be utilized and LED lighting is ideal for this task. These lights performed well, looked excellent in deco and safe to use as they don’t get heated easily and thus create fires. By decorating the trees and bushes in one’s home with LED lights will certainly make your home appear very festive, holiday-like and cheerful, and easily noticeable from a distance as well.

Another superb kind of light that is ideal for tree and plants deco, and it covers the top and front part of bushes squarely in a grid, is what most people call net lighting. One can easily handle these commercial LED Christmas lights with ease and speed.

One or two other areas on your residence which you may be considering decorating with Christmas outdoor lighting using LED lights is the yard, shrub, tree and also floral beds, as well as the drive way of your property. To get these trees and shrubs really outstanding and looking prominent in one’s home, LED lights can be deployed around the edges of these trees, flower beds and shrubs.

Another fantastic idea will be to use LED Christmas lights to outline one’s lawn and driveway. The lighting will contribute to the whole idea of Christmas deco and of course connect the whole residence to the theme and create a three-dimensional feel to the driveway.

There are lots of various other great Christmas outdoor lighting goods that you may think about using to beautify your property for the holiday seasons. The deco products can consist of stand-alone frame types which utilize LED lights for the outlines. Candy walking stick lighting is an excellent demonstration of this and can easily be employed to shape your drive way and pathways.


Ballard streetlights to be replaced with LED lights

06 May

Ballard’s traditional high-pressure sodium streetlights will be replaced with light emitting diode (LED) lights later this year. Seattle City Light says the LED lights will last longer and use about half the energy as those currently in use.
At an event last evening, crews showed off the difference between the current lights and the LED. Although the LED lights come in a range of colors, Seattle has chosen a white light similar to moonlight. You can see the difference in light lighting in the video on the West Seattle Blog.

Initially, 5,000 LED lights will be installed on residential streets in Ballard, Fremont, South Greenlake, Eastlake, and the University District, followed by a city-wide transition over the next five years. Seattle City Light conducted pilot projects on Capitol Hill and in South Park, “The approval rate in Capitol Hill was 85 percent. Many positive comments have been received from South Park while survey results are being calculated. The U.S. Department of Energy has received similar responses in its satisfaction surveys about LED streetlights across the country,” a fact sheet handed out at the event states.

The first phase of the project is being funded by $1 million in federal stimulus package money and $1.5 million from City Light.

Posted by Geeky Swedes on April 14th, 2010

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