RGB LED Lights Categories

26 Jul

There are various different styles of RGB LED lights which can be used in many different ways. RGB lights mean that they combine three colors of red, green and blue. Categories of RGB lights are uncountable but different types will feature different characteristics. Some are designed with controllers that create a variety of color schemes and combinations depending on what the device is used for.

RGB LED lights will run the three colors through a sequence where each one of these colors is visible for a specific length of time. The colors will be performed in a continuous loop until you make a change. Some other colors such as turquoise, yellow, pink and even white light can be created When these three colors are combined together in certain ways. Some of the more advanced designs can create the illusion of hundreds of different colors using just red, green and blue.

RGB LED lights categories:

RGB LED wall washers are always used for decorative lighting to highlight homes or accent objects. Not only can they be used for highlighting the whole room, but also they can be used for accent lighting. RGB LED wall washers can be connected with controllers, and they can be set to rotate through a color sequence that was pre-programmed into the system, also you can set the sequence by yourself through the controller.

Flexible strips comes in rolls with different lengthes, they are very slim and flexible. They can be cut down at specified points and be used in small areas, through connectors, you can also connect two or more strips together to be used for large area. RGB strip lights are compatible with many different controllers and some of them are designed to be waterproof.

RGB rope lights have many uses from lining stairs to decorating the home or buildings. The rope light is basically miniature LED lights wrapped in clear PVC tubing. There are different types of rope lights designed to work in different situations. For instance, some are waterproof and can be used to line swimming pools for nighttime fun and others need to be kept dry.

The above-mentioned RGB LED lights are just a few examples of RGB lights, and their applications are not limited. There are many more ways in which these lights can be used. They can also be used for advertisements and signs except lighting.

RGB lights can attract more attentions than normal lights. The vivid and dynamic light they emit is visible in all kinds of conditions making it possible to light up even the darkest areas. RGB LED lights are energy efficient and durable. Therefore, they can continuously work for a long period without consuming much power.

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