DMX Decoder

Key Features

DMX Decoder

256-grade step less dimming;
Easy installation and operation, easily set up with DMX512 console and power source;
Default test function;
Humidity/moisture resistant;
Overload protection;

Part Numbers



CE, ROHS, design for UL standards


2 years

Features & Benefits

256-grade Stepless Dimming
Fobsun LED DMX 512 Decoder can convert signals to 256 grade dimming  levels, from 0 to 100%, which can meet any project request.
Easy Installation and Operation
Fobsun LED DMX 512 Decoder can be easily set up with DMX512 console and  power source.  Clearly expressed instruction will enable operation to be easy.
Default Test Function
When the "FUN' button is on, the default test function will be activated.
Overload Protection
Power capacity can be up to 200W (12VDC) or 400W (24VDC), which can meet general requests. With overload protection component, it will switch off automatically when overload.

Data & Specifications

Dimension: L125*W65*H40 (mm)
Weight: 0.36Kg
Input Voltage: 12VDC-24VDC
Output Voltage: 12VDC-24VDC
Output Current: 6A/Channel 3 (total 18A)
Wattage: 0-200W (12VDC), 0-400W(24VDC)
Dimming Levels: 256 grades
Signal Protocol: DMX512/1990


It can be used to convert DMX512/1990 digital signal into 256 grades of power output to control and dim many DC LED lighting fixtures.

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