LED Lighting Case Study – Paris, France


A saloon

(Paris, France) Artistic atmosphere is quite important for saloons which stand for the latest fashions. Then how to create the right atmosphere that is suitable for a saloon? Proper lighting can be a key factor which greatly affects the atmosphere in a saloon. Our case is about a saloon in Paris, France. They used to utilize the incandescent bulbs which deliver light with only one color. These inefficient lights waste too much energy in generating heat and light which cause eyestrain and air pollution, let alone creating the right atmosphere. The members of the saloon considered to switch incandescent lights into more energy efficient lighting which can emit light with various colors. Which type of lighting features these advantages? The answer is definitely LED lighting. Then the saloon decided to employ LED lighting as alternative.


The saloon mainly used incandescent bulbs before the utilization of LED lighting, a significant number of pendant ceiling fixtures using incandescent bulbs. Considering the inefficient and sharp light that incandescent bulbs emit as well the toxic materials they contains, these lights are the first candidates to be upgraded. The members of the saloon initially identified more than 15 incandescent bulbs across the saloon.


As the members considered possible LED lighting options to replace the existing lights, they developed a set of requirements for any potential solution. They wanted a solution that would meet or exceed the light output and light quality of the existing lights and they wanted a solution that could be easily installed without having to replace the existing fixtures.


Trial Installation

The saloon considered several brands of LED lighting. A set of selected products were installed in working fixtures in the supermarket, and the staff members collected opinions and rankings from members. They also measured light levels for each installation.


The local electricity supplier calculated energy use and savings for the various options being tested. Based on these calculations and the inputs from the various stakeholders, the FOBSUN FLL-MR16-5W Luxeon RGB bulb was chosen to replace the incandescent bulbs.



The saloon installed around 20 FOBSUN FLL-MR16-5W Luxeon RGB bulbs throughout the saloon as shown in the table below. The table also shows the hours of operation for each installation.



Incandescent wattage






Business Case Analysis

The saloon conducted an analysis to determine the economic feasibility of replacing the existing incandescent lighting with FOBSUN LED lighting. This analysis considered several factors including,


*Energy savings

*Capital cost

*Maintenance savings

*The lighting effects


Energy Savings

Energy savings was a very important driver for this project, and the savings were expected to be significant using the latest LED lighting technology. Each of the FOBSUN FLL-MR16-5W Luxeon RGB bulbs consumes 5 watts. Using the hours of operation and incandescent wattage from the table above, the energy savings are as follows:


Incandescent lamps: 7,008kwh/year

FOBSUN FLL-MR16 -5W Luxeon RGB bulb: 876kwh/year

Savings: 6,132kwh/year


The saloon pays $0.17/kwh for its electricity yielding an annual savings of $1,042.


Although not included in the analysis, the use of LED lighting also significantly reduces the heat produced by the light fixtures thereby reducing the load on the air-conditioning system and further reducing the electricity usage.


Capital Cost

The capital cost of the LED bulbs for this project was $700


Maintenance Savings

The long service life of the FLL-MR16 -5W Luxeon RGB bulbs eliminates the maintenance cost associated with changing light bulbs (the replacement bulb cost and the associated labor).



Using the estimates above, the calculated time to payback for this project is slightly less than 0.7 years.


The Lighting Effects

The saloon is very pleased with the light quality and the appearance of the FLL-MR16-5W Luxeon RGB bulbs, they can emit various colors such as red, green and blue etc which make the atmosphere in the saloon more dynamic and artistic. Mixed use of different colors really brought fantastic experience.



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