LED Lighting Case Study – Beijing, China

Music Funtain Tube Screen 01

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A music fountain at a square


(Beijing, China) Municipal project lighting can spruce up a city, choosing proper lighting fixtures for municipal projects can be very important for lighting quality and energy consumption. Many cities in China have squares which are the main locations for citizens to do some entertainments after work. Lighting for those squares could be a decisive factor whether the project is successful since most citizen go to the square at night. This case is about a square in Beijing City, China. The city officials want to employ a type of lighting which can create fantastic lighting effects with long lifetime while not consuming too much electricity. As LED lighting features those benefits, they decided to utilize the new type of lighting, LED lighting.


As the city officials considered LED lighting, many solutions are available, they want to employ a solution which can be easily installed and maintained.


Trial Installation

Comparing all these solutions, the officials choose some different fixtures for a trial. A set of selected products were installed in working fixtures around the music fountain of the square, and the officials collected opinions and rankings from citizens. They also measured light levels for each installation.


Based on citizens opinions and the energy saving calculations, the FOBSUN FWW-6315-72T-H LED wall washer was chosen as the final solution.



The casino installed around 4 FOBSUN FWW-3415-36-H LED wall washers around the music fountain and the working hours of these LED lights is 12 hours per day.


Business Case Analysis

The city officials conducted an analysis to determine the economic feasibility of utilizing FOBSUN LED lighting. This analysis considered several factors including,


*Energy savings

*Maintenance savings

*Lighting effects


Energy Savings

Energy savings was a very important driver for this project, and the savings were expected to be significant using the latest LED lighting technology. The square can save 70% energy bills when compared with conventional municipal project lighting.


Maintenance Savings

The long service life of the FOBSUN FWW-3415-36-H LED wall washers eliminates the maintenance cost associated with changing new lights (the replacement light cost and the associated labor).


Lighting Effects

The citizens are very pleased with the light quality and lighting effects of the FWW-3415-36-H LED wall washers, they can emit various colors such as red, green and blue etc which make the square more splendid and attractive. Mixed use of different colors really brought fantastic experience. More and more citizens enjoy entertaining at the square after work.


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