LED Lighting Case Study – Brazil

LED Wall Washer

A Hotel

(Brazil) Brazil is famous for its attractive tropical landscape, which attracts thousands of tourists to visit every year. Therefore there are many hotels in Brazil, and how they can attract the tourists. Of course, service is very important. However, just quality service and facilities are not enough; meanwhile lighting is also another very important reason to attract tourists. This lighting case is about a hotel in Brazil. They wanted to highlight the whole hotel and make it seem to be more splendid, which will help them to attract more tourists. FOBSUN sales person and engineers suggested them to use LED lighting. For highlighting architectures, LED wall washers are the optimum choice.

The hotel developed a set of requirements for any potential solution. They wanted a solution that would meet or exceed the light output and light quality of the existing lights and they wanted a solution that could be easily installed.

Trial Installation
A set of selected products were installed in working fixtures in the hotel, and the owner collected opinions and rankings from tourists. He also measured light levels for each installation.

Based on tourists' opinions and the energy saving calculations, the FOBSUN FWW-6315-72T-H LED wall washer was chosen to replace the existing lights.

The hotel installed around 20 FOBSUN FWW-6315-72T-H LED wall washer throughout the casino and the working hours of these LED lights is 12 hours per day.

Business Case Analysis
The hotel conducted an analysis to determine the economic feasibility of replacing the existing conventional lighting with FOBSUN LED lighting. This analysis considered several factors including,

Energy savings
Maintenance savings
Lighting effects

Energy Savings
Energy savings was a very important driver for this project, and the savings were expected to be significant using the latest LED lighting technology. The hotel can save 70% energy bills after using LED lighting.

Although not included in the analysis, the use of LED lighting also significantly reduces the heat produced by the light fixtures thereby reducing the load on the air-conditioning system and further reducing the electricity usage.

Maintenance Savings
The long service life of the FOBSUN FWW-6315-72T-H LED wall washers eliminates the maintenance cost associated with changing new lights (the replacement light cost and the associated labor).

Lighting Effects
The hotel is very pleased with the light quality and the appearance of the FWW-6315-72T-H LED wall washers, they can emit various colors such as red, green and blue etc which make the atmosphere in the hotel more dynamic and attractive. Mixed use of different colors really brought fantastic experience. The volume of tourists has been increased by 30%.


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