Overview: Fobsun LED bay lights employed by a factory in Madrid, Spain for its warehouse lighting

What can we help: Warehouse lighting always consumes much electricity due to its large area, and the warehouse lighting bills can be considered as very important cost of a factory. Nowadays the main lighting fixtures for warehouse are traditional metal halide bay lights which are energy swallowing monsters. Aside from the considerable energy bills, these bay lights also greatly increase the air conditioner costs due to their high heat generation. This project is about a factory in Madrid, Spain. It used to adopt metal halide bay lights for its warehouse lighting, and the annual energy bills for the lighting and the associated air conditioner costs are extremely high. They wanted to switch the energy wasting lighting fixtures to energy efficient lighting. After consulting the engineers from Fobsun Electronics Ltd, they replaced the metal halide bay lights with Fobsun LED bay lights. These LED bay lights are much more energy efficient than the old metal halide fixtures and can save over 70% energy bills and greatly reduces the associated air conditioner expenses annually. Plus, LED bay lights are durable lighting fixtures that can last over 50,000 hours, which also greatly reduces the maintenance costs and bulb replacement costs.

Project photo show:

LED Bay Lights Light up A WarehouseLED Bay Lights Used in A Warehouse


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