User's Manual for Quadrate LED Wall Washers-IP65

This manual includes important information about checking after receiving the product, cautions, working environment of the product, user's responsibilities and operation instructions, please read it carefully before you use the product.

Product Checking

1) Unpack and carefully examine the product.
2) Report any damage and save all packing material if any part is damaged during the transportation.
3) Do not attempt to use this device if it is damaged.


1) This device shall be installed and operated by a qualified electrician or technician in accordance with all relevant local codes.
2) Risk of electric shock. Ensure that the power supply is off when wiring or soldering the sections of the device.
3) Do not use sharp tools near or on the surface of the device.
4) DO not plug them into power when the product is still in package.
5) Don't use anything to cover the fixture during application.
6) Don't use this product in close environment.
7) If this product appears to be damaged, do not attempt any operations, please contact your dealer.
8) The installation of this product must be completed before the power plug inserts. Please let technicians disassemble the lights for fixing or repairing.

Working Environment

This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and applicable for both dry and damp environments.

User Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the contractor, installer, purchaser, owner, and user to install, maintain, and operate the device in such a manner as to comply with all state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations.
Note: The instructions and precautions set forth in this user guide are not necessarily all-inclusive, all conceivable, or relevant to all applications, FOBSUN Electronics cannot anticipate all conceivable or unique situations.

Operation Instructions

Control Mode

Independent mode: choose the effects that you need by pressing the buttons on the back of light
DMX mode: international standard DMX512 signal control (3XLR)
Instructions of Buttons

Set up DMX address

When the digital LED is not flashing, press "A", digital LED begins to flash, press "A" once, active digital LEDs move backward, you can start to edit the second digital LED: Press "B", the corresponding flash digital LED increases one bit (the values between 0-9), please refer to the following picture. Range of valid address: 001-512

Adjustment and selection of function for independent mode

After pressing "A" four times (the first three times is the setup on DMX address), light enter into independent mode: the digital LEDs show PXY, press "A" once, active digital LEDs move backward, you can choose function via X and parameter via Y: Press "B", the corresponding flash digital LED increases one bit (the values between 0-9), please refer to the following picture.

X refers to functions (the value between 1 to A); Y refers to value of speed and gray degree for the functions (the value between 1 to A).

Function and Parameter Form:

X Value

Y Value (range and function)

1-single red

1-9 class gray degree

2-single green

1-9 class gray degree

3-single blue

1-9 class gray degree

4-single yellow

1-9 class gray degree

5-single purple

1-9 class gray degree

6-single cyan

1-9 class gray degree

7-single white

1-9 class gray degree

8-multicolor jumping

1-9 class speed

9-multicolor fading

1-9 class speed

A-multicolor flashing

1-9 class flashing speed


When pressing button, please wait for about 10 seconds, then you can exit the mode of adjustment function, the digital LED stop flashing and to memorize the selected parameters.

Usage Instructions

1. When enter into independent mode, you can adjust the preset functions of light by button on the side cap.
2. When enter into DMX mode, use DMX console to control the light, please refer to the manual of the relevant DMX console for further information.
3. When enter into master/slave mode, please choose any one light as the master to attain auto online function, the operations are as follows: firstly, set the address of master as 001, others are set as slave (address can be any one except 001); change function of the master (001) light, then all lights will work synchronously;
4. Each light occupies three DMX channels, which is red, green and blue. For example, light with DMX address 001 occupies the channels of 1, 2 and 3, light with DMX address 256 occupies the channels of 256, 257 and 258;

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