User's Manual for LED T5 Tube Lights

This manual includes important information about checking after receiving the product, cautions, working environment of the product, user's responsibilities and malfunction explanations, please read it carefully before you use the product.

Product Checking

1) Unpack and carefully examine the product.
2) Report any damage and save all packing material if any part is damaged during the transportation.
3) Do not attempt to use this device if it is damaged.


1) This device shall be installed and operated by a qualified electrician or technician in accordance with all relevant local codes.
2) Risk of electric shock. Ensure that the power supply is off when wiring or soldering the sections of the device.
3) Do not put sharp tools near or on the surface of the device.

Working Environment

This device is suitable for indoor use, and applicable for dry environment.

User Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the contractor, installer, purchaser, owner, and user to install, maintain, and operate the device in such a manner as to comply with all state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations.
Note: The instructions and precautions set forth in this user guide are not necessarily all-inclusive, all conceivable, or relevant to all applications, FOBSUN Electronics cannot anticipate all conceivable or unique situations.

Malfunction Explanations

These LED tubes ˇ°DO NOTˇ± require a ballast or starter, which is required for traditional standard fluorescent tubes. If the ballast and starter is connected to the LED tube it will overdrive the LED tube when starting and under drive it afterwards causing malfunctions in the LED tube itself.

Appendix: Comparison Sheet between LED T5 Tube and Conventional Fluorescent Lamp


1200mm LED T5 Tube Light

1200mm Fluorescent



20 Watts

28 Watts


Ballast Power

no ballast

12 Watts

38 Watts

Daily Usage

12 hours a day, 7 days a week

Number of Tubes


Power Used per year in kWh

9,636 kWh

26,280 kWh

16,644 kWh

Power cost per year based on $0.18/kWh




Total CO2 emissions per year in Kg




Note: Capital costs and maintenance costs which will make potential savings even greater over the lifetime of the LED tubes are not included in the above sheet.

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