Installation Instructions for LED Wall Washers

Planning Installation

The wall washer installation requires planning to ensure timely, successful installation with minimal complications and down time.

Planning Suggestions

Consult an Electrical Inspector to review all wiring plans.
Create a Layout Plan drawing, per a Lighting Designer's or Architect's recommendation.
Consult FOBSUN Electronics Application Engineering Services as needed.

Installation Considerations

When creating your installation plan, consider the following factors:
1) Location of the wall washer
The wall washer is suitable for only dry, wet and damp environment.
2) Control System
The wall washer can be controlled by FCD-M300-L LED Controller. Synchronous color changing might be considered before installing.
3) Lighting Distance
The maximum lighting distance for the wall washer is around 20 meters (65 feet).
4) Maximum series-wound quantity
100 meter (328 feet). A signal amplifier is needed between every 100 meter (328 feet) distance.

Installation Steps

1) Installation of Supporting Brackets
Please screw the supporting brackets to the built-in fixing patch inside of the aluminum housing according to your requirement and location.

2) Place the wall washer at planned location and direct it to architecture surface.
3) Adjust the rotary angle to requested angle.
4) Connect wall washers to each other; Signal Amplifiers are needed to connect between every 100 meters or 328 feet.
5) Complete waterproof treatment at every joint of signal connectors. (Please refer to picture below) The signal output connector of the last fixture (maximum 30 fixtures) of each series must be wrapped with waterproof tape (auto-adhesive, please refer to instruction for operation), then seal with a dia20 thermal shrinking sleeve and blow the shrink with a hair drier for waterproof purpose.

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