Installation Instructions for Flex LED Strips

Planning Installation

The LED strip installation requires planning to ensure timely, successful installation with minimal complications and down time.

Planning Suggestions

Consult an Electrical Inspector to review all wiring plans.
Create a Layout Plan drawing, per a Lighting Designer's or Architect's recommendation.
Consult FOBSUN Electronics Application Engineering Services as needed.

Installation Instructions

1. Clean the installation surface, and fix clips mounted with 3M tape.
2. Mount with strips according to the channel letter figure and cut off strips and re-wire.
3. Connect the linking wires to 12V DC power.
4. Power on and test as all connection joints were wired, then the project is finished.


1. LED has two electrodes, the long leg is cathode and short one is anode.
2. Avoid unbalanced voltage drop which can cause hazardous overload and damage the LED strips. The maximum quantity of strips in the same chain should never exceed 35pcs.
3. Avoid extra bright or dark spots on the cover. The distance between the acrylic panel and LED strips should be kept within 8 to 15cm

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