Installation Instruction for LED T8 Tube Light

Planning the Installation

The installation of this device requires planning to ensure timely installation with minimal complications and down time.

Planning Suggestions

Consult an electrician or technician to review all wiring plans.
Create a layout plan drawing, as per a lighting designer's or architect's recommendation.
Consult FOBSUN Electronics Application Engineering Services as needed.

Installation Steps (Please refer to the photographs attached to each step)

Notes: Existing starter or ballast must be removed before LED T8 Tube Light being fixed into the fluorescent fixture.
Step 1: Turn off main power before installation.
For safety, make sure main power source is switched off before attempting to install.
Step 2: Take the existing fluorescent light and starter off.

Step 3: Remove or cut off the ballast from the T8 socket.

Step 4: Install the matching external driver and connect it to the AC power source if it is LED T8 Tube Light with EPS. The external driver comes with two mounting brackets at ends, screws and 3M tape at the back

Step 5: Connect the two DC output wires to one wire on each end of the T8 socket with wire nuts.

Step 6: Put the LED tube into the conventional fluorescent socket and switch the power on to light it up.
Wiring Diagram of LED T8 Tube Light-IPS

Wiring Diagram of LED T8 Tube Light-EPS

ELV dimmable T8 Tube Light Connection Diagram

The EPS T8 Tube with the working voltage 100-277V AC is dimmable when connected with a specified in-wall dimmer switch and a special external power supply. A minimum load of 60 Watts, that is, 10% of its maximum load is required for the proper operation of an in-wall 600 Watt dimmer switch while no minimum load is required for one with maximum load of less than 300 Watts, which we recommend.

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