Frosted LED T8 Tube Lights

Product Description

Compact LED T8 Tube Lights which utilize superb light SMD LEDs with low light decrease and excellent nature of heat dissipation is the next generation lighting solution designed for use in commercial and residential applications to replace conventional fluorescent light. Available with IPS and EPS series LED T8 Tube Lights to meet diverse lighting design requirements. The LED T8 Tube Light which can be directly placed into any existing T8 socket generates comfortable white light with LED's in a new way that enables an unprecedented combination of light output, efficacy, beautiful color, and affordability.

Performance Summary

LED T8 Tube Light
  • Utilizes super brighter SMD LEDs
  • Longer lifetime than conventional fluorescent tube: min 8 times longer
  • 800-2400 delivered lumens depending on different models
  • Color temperature tolerance of only +/-100K
  • Designed to last 50,000 hours and maintain at least 70% of initial lumen output
  • Integrated thermal management system conducts heat away from LED's and transfers it to the surrounding environment
  • Two year warranty
  • Up to 80% energy savings over conventional fluorescent tube

Unique Edges

  • Solid state, excellent property of shock-resistance
  • No RF and IR interference, no maintenance costs
  • Instant start-up, no noise, no flickering
  • No ballast and starter needed
  • Quick and easy installation to minimize retrofit costs
  • No mercury and other hazardous materials
  • Fully CE, RoHS-compliant
LED T8 Tube Light

Physical Structure

Physical Structure

Data Sheet & Specifications

Model Input Voltage Power Length LED Qty. Power Factor Material Working
T8-AF60 100-265V AC 9W 588mm 84pcs > 0.95 PC Lens +
Aluminum Housing
Indoor use, applicable
for dry environment
T8-AF120 100-265V AC 18W 1198mm 168pcs 1700
T8-AF120 100-265V AC 22W 1198mm 192pcs 2000
T8-AF150 100-265V AC 25W 1498mm 216pcs 2400

Illuminance of LED T8 Tube Light (Lux)

m Lux Lux of 1200mm LED T8 Tube Light Φ mm
1 320 1000
2 104 2000
3 48 3000

Lux of 588mm LED T8 Tube Light

m Lux Lux of 1200mm LED T8 Tube Light Φ mm
1 570 1000
2 185 2000
3 100 3000

Lux of 1198mm LED T8 Tube Light

m Lux Lux of 1200mm LED T8 Tube Light Φ mm
1 765 1000
2 247 2000
3 135 3000

Lux of 1498mm LED T8 Tube Light

Disclaimer to above matrix: the data of the light output is only from Fobsun test reports. It may differentiate another result or source if tubes are tested through other equipments or test methods.


There is a set of accessory kit only for EPS series LED T8 Tube Light which includes the following accessories: one piece of External LED Drivers, three pieces of wire nuts and five pieces of screws, IPS series come without accessories.

Physical specifications

  • Mercury-free
  • Aluminous housing and plastic cover
  • Weight: 0.45kgs, 0.89kgs, 1.15kgs
  • Socket type: T8
  • Dimension: D1.0*L23.2inch(D26*L588mm), D1.0*L47.1inch(D26*L1198mm), D1.0*L59.0inch(D26*L1498mm)
  • Indoor use, applicable for dry environment
  • Work temperatures: -4 degree Fahrenheit to 104 degree Fahrenheit(-10 degree Celsius to +40 degree Celsius)

Electrical specifications

  • Input voltage: 100-265V AC 50/60HZ
  • Integral, high efficiency driver and power supply
  • Power consumption: 60-70% energy-saving over fluorescent
  • Power factor> 0.95 Input Voltage = 120v ac, 60Hz
  • Power factor> 0.92 Input Voltage = 230v ac, 50Hz
  • Dimmable to 20% with most TRIAC Dimmers (ELV Dimmer)(Optional)
  • Power efficiency > 86%
  • CE (LVD and EMC), ETL pending

Optical specifications

  • CCT: 2800-3200K, 3800-4200K, 4500-5300K, 5300-6500K
  • Beam angle: 180 degrees
  • Lumens: 800lm, 1700lm, 2000lm, 2400lm
  • Lumens efficacy: 90-120lm/W
  • CRI: > 70 / > 80
  • Lumen maintenance: >98% @1000 hrs
  • Negligible UV and IR
  • Light source: super brighter SMDs
  • Lower reflector achieves a comfortable appearance
  • Color management system maintains color consistency over time and temperature

Illuminance Maintenance Tests for LED T8 Tube Lights

Illuminance Maintenance Test for 600mm T8 Tube
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