Frosted LED T5 Tube Lights

Product Description

These products are in accordance with CE, UL and FCC testing standards. Frosted LED T5 Tube Lights are the next generation of lighting solution to replace conventional fluorescent light. They feature higher efficiency, more reliability compared to the previous generation. With patented thermal controlling technology and specially designed aluminum housing, the LED T5 Tube Light which generates white light in a new way that enables an unprecedented combination of light output, high efficacy, beautiful color and affordability substantially achieves fully heat dissipation and perfect performance.

Performance Summary

Ubright LED T5 Tube Lights

Unique Edges

Data Sheet & Specifications

Model Input Voltage Power Length LED Qty. Power Factor Material Working
T5-AF302 100-265V AC, 50/60Hz 5 watt. 302mm 40pcs > 0.95 Aluminum Housing Indoor use,
applicable for dry environment
T5-AF563 100-265V AC, 50/60Hz 9 watt. 563mm 84pcs 600
T5-AF863 100-265V AC, 50/60Hz 15 watt. 863mm 132pcs 1000
T5-AF1163 100-265V AC, 50/60Hz 18 watt. 1163mm 180pcs 1600

Illuminance of LED T5 Tube Light (Lux)

m Lux Lux of 1200mm LED T8 Tube Light Φ mm
1 89 1000
2 32 2000
2.5 20 3000

Lux of 302mm LED T5 Tube Light

m Lux Lux of 1200mm LED T8 Tube Light Φ mm
1 176 1000
2 53 2000
2.5 29 3000

Lux of 563mm LED T5 Tube Light

m Lux Lux of 1200mm LED T8 Tube Light Φ mm
1 200 1000
2 80 2000
2.5 45 3000

Lux of 863mm LED T5 Tube Light

Disclaimer to above matrix: the data of the light output is only from Fobsun test reports. It may differentiate another result or source if tubes are tested through other equipments or test methods.


The accessories for T5 LED Tube include a power cord, a connector, an end cap, two mounting clips and a fixture, and the tubes can be connected end by end via connectors.

Fixture Mounting clips End cap Connector Power cord
Fixture Mounting clips End cap Connector Power cord

T5 LED tube lights can be connected end to end via connectors, and the maximum quantity of T5 LED tubes that can be connected in series is as follows:
110VAC: 300mm long 40pcs, 600mm long 35pcs, 900mm long 30pcs
230VAC: 300mm long 50pcs, 600mm long 45pcs, 900mm long 40pcs

Precautions for TRIAC dimmable

1. T5 tubes can be made as dimmable model, and each tube comes with one exterior power supply, one power cord. Connect one end of the power cord with the tube and the other end with the exterior power supply. Dimmable T5 tubes can be compatible with most dimmers.

2. When made as dimmable model, T5 tubes can not be connected in series, otherwise the power supply will be burnt out. Each tube comes with one exterior power supply as one set, one power supply can only be used for one tube, and the tube can not be connected with any other tube in series.

Physical Specification

Electrical specifications

Optical specifications

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